10-11 Months!

Time got away from me the last month and clearly I haven't posted in awhile! Both kids were sick one week, Jon and I were incredibly sick the next week, and then the kids again the following week. Let's just say I cannot wait for sunshine and spring.

Among all the chaos the past month or so, little miss Evangeline turned 10 months and today is 11 months! How is this possible? Absolute craziness. I'm feeing a bit emotional that she is going to be one years old in just another month. Boy has this past year flown by.

Evangeline Rae
11 Months

  • You weigh 18 pounds and are wearing 9-12 month clothes. 
  • Between 9 and 10 months old you finally started eating solid foods! Getting you to eat pureed baby food was such a struggle and you wanted nothing to do with a sippy cup. As soon as you stopped gagging on puffs and cheerios, we put you to straight table food in little chunks and you were as happy as can be! Whatever we are eating, you are eating in little bite size pieces. You want to do it all yourself and get upset when someone puts it in your mouth for you. You are now loving your sippy cup, especially with some juice in it. 
Evie at 10 months
(We got some free photos from a new place in town. Not impressed with the quality, but oh well! They were free and marked her 10th month!)
 (This was a sample, hence the lettering through her bow. haha).
  • At 10 months you started clapping your hands. This is probably one of my favorite milestones baby's reach. It's too cute. 
  • At 10 months (on January 21st) your top two teeth popped through. You are darling with those huge chompers! 
  • We are working on a few baby signs and you seem to have gotten the hang of "all done," which Mekonen loves to emphatically do along with you. 
  • You are our destroyer. You love, love to knock things over, bulldoze through piles of clothes, and rid a shelf of all its books. You are definitely learning what the word "no" means. Is it possible to have two feisty kids? haha. 
  • Blanket training has just begun. Not mastered yet, and truthfully, Mommy can't wait until it is. :) 

  • You are nursing just twice a day now (before bed and in the morning). Weening from nursing has been a little more emotional than I ever thought it would be. Who knew! 
  • You love to play! At the museum you now get out of the stroller and crawl all over the kids play area. At home, one of the first toys you go to is the little blue kitchen. You open the door to get to the wooden food pieces that velcro together. You always, always grab the carrot. Many times you will carry it around for awhile and then take all the pieces apart. It's the only piece of play food you play with. So random. You also love to push anything that will move along the floor. It entertains you for quite awhile! 
  • At the little blue kitchen in search of the carrot.

  • You love to climb! Daddy found you 5 stairs up our flight of stairs and Mommy and Grandma found you standing up in your high chair! 
  • You have stood independently several times, but just for a few seconds. As soon as you realize you are doing it, you quickly sit down. 
  • You are still a terrible sleeper! For awhile, you were doing great when we discovered a space heater helped you sleep much better. But now you are up anywhere from 3-5 times a night crying. It is exhausting my dear! You have had problems off and on with your ears (5 ear infections since the summer) and we are looking into seeing an ENT and possibly ear tubes. Hopefully this might be a solution for consistent, good, sleep-filled nights! Lord knows this Mama needs it! I can only drink so much Pepsi Max! 
  • You get startled very easily and crawl as fast as you can to the nearest adult. It's hilarious. 
  • We love seeing your personality emerge. You are really beginning to interact with Mekonen. When I get you out of your crib and say, "Where is Mekonen" You point your little finger down the hallway. He makes you laugh and laugh, but can also make you very mad. You are very quick to let him know you are not happy. Mekonen's favorite name for you right now is, "Eve-Bo-Beeve." Haha.