She's 3 Months Old!

This little peanut is 3 months old already. Boy does time fly! Just like everyone says! 

Penelope Mae

Here's what she's been up to! 
(And this time I spelled her name right! I must've been getting more sleep lately).

Little lady is hitting lots of milestones and firsts. She experienced her first road trip to Grandma Michelle's and Grandpa Jack's 12 hours away in PA. She was a trooper on the drive and had a fantastic week being loved on by family. (More on that in another post). While there she surprised us by rolling from belly to back. Grandma and Evie witnessed the first roll and she was smiling ear to ear. So proud of herself. ;) Evie's first time rolling over was also at Grandma's!!

Upon arriving back from PA she slept her first night in her room by herself, in her big girl crib.
Up until then she had been in a bassinet right by our bed. I was super sad to see her go. I miss her so close and just leaning over and seeing her all snuggled in. Plus I didn't have to get up to feed her! Although now she's sleeping about 8 hours straight at night which is heavenly. I feed her one last time around 11pm when we go to sleep and she usually lasts until 6:30/7am. What a good girl! One of my favorite things, and hers too, is our morning snuggle time. The other two kids are either still sleeping or just waking up, and I usually pull Pip in bed with me and snuggle her in for awhile. Sometimes we both get to fall back asleep for a bit before being bombarded by this crew... as you can see, Penelope clearly disapproves of our interrupted cuddle time.
Penelope is really starting to connect and LOVES being interacted with. She is finding her little voice and makes the cutest "coo"ing noises ever. If you lock eyes with her and smile, her whole little face lights up. Then if you stop talking to her, she gets upset. Cute little bugger already knows how the system. works!

Mekonen and Evie continue to be enamored with her and I'm glad to see that the new sister novelty hasn't worn off. Mekonen is the absolute cutest with her and talks to her in the funniest baby voice. Evie still thinks she's another Mom for Penelope and LOVES tending to all baby care things- such as diaper changes, baths, clothing choices, etc. She takes her big sister role very seriously.

Penelope has been sort of settling into a routine, eating every 3-4 hrs during the day, with a good long nap in the morning, and one in the afternoon and a quick nap around dinner, before going down for the night. She's still spitting up a lot and still somewhat fussy, but so much better than before.

She has a whole host of affectionate nicknames that happen all day at our house. Everything from Pippi, to Pip, to The Pipster, and Pipperty-doo-dah. Poor kid. And Evie calls her, "Menelope." :) Man, we love this girl dearly and are learning to rock this family of 5 thing.