A VERY Special Little Girl...

We have a little girl to introduce you to....
Her name is Alice.
I know many of you are probably thinking, "What? A 5th child? Their 4th isn't even home yet!!! These Orens are CRAZY!!!" Yes. We are crazy.

But no this isn't "technically" our 5th child....

You will hear Jon and I say all the time, kids belong in their birth families, and when that's not possible, they belong in their birth culture community, and when that's not possible, they belong with "A" family, no matter what country that family resides in (i.e. international adoption). No child should grow up in an orphanage. For those of us who know and have seen orphanages, you would agree. We've mentioned before that we desire to be involved in a multifaceted approach to orphan care, that we desire to part of the solutions to the devastating truth that there are millions of children worldwide who grow up without a family to call their own. There are no black and white answers or black and white solutions to such complicated issues. The positive to such a complex issue is that there are A LOT of ways to be involved, especially as a Christian.

Alice lives in Nyeri, Kenya and we "met" her on June 28th. 
Our close friend Hillary lived at her home for a year and upon returning to the U.S., committed to the home and ministry that Alice, along with her biological brother Charles, and 28 other kids call home. It is their permanent home, with a woman named Veronica who became their mom. This is NOT an orphanage and these children are not adoptable. The name of their home is, The Belwop Rescue Centre, which stands for "Better Life Without Papers." Belwop is the only place where their existence has been recognized. Veronica, their mom, and a whole team of individuals have committed to showering these children for life with love, care, provision, education, and a bright future of hope. Belwop is changing the LEGACIES of entire generations, in their birth country, with a stable home that has Jesus at the center. When you have "no papers," you have no shot. Belwop is giving life, hope, and a future.
Veronica with 3 of her boys: Peter, Moses, and Rogers.

Orphan care isn't just adoption. So often, our minds only go to adoption when we think of caring for the fatherless. But not everyone is going to physically adopt a child into their family. Should more families do it? Absolutely! But more families should also consider other ways to come alongside those in our backyards and around the world who don't have a place to call home, especially those who have no opportunity FOR things like domestic or international adoption. I get teary eyed just writing this because we watched HUNDREDS and HUNDREDS of people come around our family, and our son in Ethiopia, in order to help bring him home. All of those amazing people are not physically adopting him into their family, but they enabled us to adopt him. They enabled us to give a family to a child without one. That is community. That is commitment to orphan care. Their care for the orphan was just as important.

So, in light of November being adoption and orphan care month, I wanted to highlight the Belwop Rescue Centre and give others the opportunity to help change legacies. The statistics about adoption are that over 80% of Christians at some point consider adoption. But less than 2% actually follow through. What if a high percentage of those families who did not follow through with orphan care via adoption, followed through with orphan care via other avenues? Remember, not every person will physically adopt a child, but over HUNDREDS helped bring our child a family.

Could you be one who helps care for the orphan in this way? By partnering with a place like Belwop? Have you ever wanted to be a part of a ministry that desires to bring the fatherless home? Have you wanted to follow through with orphan care but not had the opportunity to? Join Belwop in their fight for these precious children- to help continue their vision of a society where every child has a safe home and enjoys equal rights and clearly hears the gospel!

Meet Moses, who calls Belwop home. Moses is quite the miracle! He was found on the side of a small road in a basket nearly starved to death. He was the size of an infant but after being brought to Belwop they discovered him to be two years old. Sweet Moses was brought to Belwop nameless and without future. Veronica named him Moses because his story started so similarly to Moses of the Bible. God has incredible things in store for him.

We committed to Alice. Will you consider helping the ministry that Alice and 29 other kids call home? Check out this video and take a glimpse into a Better Life Without Papers.

Belwop has until the end of 2015 to fulfill their financial goal so that their 2016 year can be consistent and full for their 30 children, and so that their ministry can reach more and more people, meet their physical needs, AND share the hope they can have through Jesus!

Maureen and Yvonne were both orphaned after their mother passed away due to an untreated illness. When these sweet sisters arrived at Belwop they were timid and unsure. After a fresh haircut, new clothes, a bath, and a couple months in this stable and Jesus loving home it was like they had been here their whole lives! The legacy of this family will be great.

In the works at Belwop is a Christian school staffed by Kenyan teachers (creating more jobs), and a crisis pregnancy home ministering to girls who have been raped and resulted in pregnancy.
Would you consider partnering with Belwop? What about giving a gift this Thanksgiving or Christmas in the name of a child, a grandchild, or a group of friends?

Here is the link below to Belwop's live fundraising site! If you want more information you can contact Hillary Wolfe at wanderingwolfe4@gmail.com  Belwop is partnered through the organization Extreme Response International which comes alongside ministries like Belwop all over the world. 

Hillary and Monten, home, at Belwop.