A Weekend at the Lake

Jon's great aunt and uncle live on a lake here in Indiana. We took a weekend to visit them, ride the boat and jet ski, and swim in the water. The kids had a blast!! Thanks Uncle John and Aunt Mary for a great time!

As soon as we arrived, the kids headed right for the water!
Mekonen loved the dump trucks!!
 Then we headed out for a stroll on the lake. 
 What a handsome boy. He's growing up so fast!
 This little chica-roo was enamored! 
A beautiful sunset!
We spent the whole day playing in the water, riding the jet ski, going on the boat, and relaxing. Fun time!!

 Evie and her love for buckets. 
 Aunt Mary playing with the kiddos.
 Jon and Uncle John lazin' in the water. 
 Cutie pie.
 So handsome. 

This picture cracks me up. Uncle John was so good with Mekonen. They had a blast. 
 The kids loved driving the boat!

Cool little waterway connecting two parts of the lake. 
 Me and my sweet boy. 
A girl and her Daddy.
I know our heads are cut off, but I just love this picture. It makes my heart happy. 
 Last boat ride before leaving. Until next time! 


Summer Happenings- Part 2

Again, to keep up my record keeping, here's part 2 of our summer happenings! I can't believe it's the end of July already! The summer is flyin' by!

We've been spending a lot of time at the Wendel's pool this summer and enjoying every minute! Macie joined us one day for the swimming fun! 
 Mekonen loves goggles but they always fog and fill with water, but he still loves them. Ha! 
My little tutu girl. 
The Urruttia's joined us at the pool for the day. 
Lunch break!
We took the kids on a day trip to go hiking. They had a blast!!
Meko's favorite spot!
 Daddy and his boy. 
 He found this hollowed out tree and thought it was so cool. 
 Evie, our explorer girl, loved wondering around. 
My Auntie Jan (mom's sister) passed away unexpectedly in June. I was really glad she got to meet my babies and spend time with them last summer while she was at my parents. We made a trip to Boston, MA in June to honor her life. 
While we were there, my Grandma Penny (dad's mom) got to meet Evie for the first time. Love Mekonen's face. He is obviously super excited. :) Haha. 
 Most of my mom's side of the family, honoring my Auntie Jan. 
 Us with my Grandaddy and his wife Kris. 
 My Grandaddy with my kiddos. Love him. I have such fond memories of him taking us to breakfast in the wee hours of the morning when we would visit as kids. How I wish we lived close so he could carry the tradition on with my children. 


Summer Happenings- Part 1

For my own record keeping sake, I wanted to get down some of our summer happenings so far this year. Enjoy!

In April, our sweet darling Evie finally got tubes in her ears! 8 infections in 6 months meant it was time! Clearly she didn't approve of the hat and silly gown, but she sure did look cute! She's been doing great since the tubes. Only one ear infection so far, drastic hearing improvements, and she's starting to babble and talk more! 
Jon started a new job with his Dad in chemical sales. He's really enjoying it. Here are the kids giving Daddy a big hug after a work trip. 

Jon's cousin Brooke had her baby girl! Meeting Avary Mae just hours after her birth. Nothing like those newborn snuggles. ;) 
I drove out to PA with my friend Megan and the kids. We had a blast running around with our cousins. It was too cold for the pool yet so the kids spent lots of time riding around on their bikes. This was our attempt to get a cousin picture. You can't see Kim, she was on the far left. They are all staring down at my daughter, front and center, throwing a massive tantrum. All caught on camera. It was one of the funniest things I've seen yet. This picture will be around for a long time. :) 
 Two of my favorite pics from the trip. My Dad and Mekonen sharing a late night potato chip snack. 
 Every day my Dad reads his Bible sitting in his bed. Mekonen jumped in and said, "I need a Bible too!" And grabbed Hands Christian Anderson's book of Fairy Tales. haha. :) 
It was so fun to see Gideon and Mekonen playing together. Wish my best friend lived near me! 
Jon's sisters and family came to Indy for a visit. We always love their visits and the kids have so much fun together. We went to the museum, swimming, and to an amusement park. 
Two cutie girls in the Lego car. 
 Lego building!
 They loved spraying each other with the hose. Ignore the water. It was a little rusty that day. But they didn't care! 

Cousin picture: Mekonen, Evie, Joy, and Owen
Oren Family
Grandma Magz and Boppy with the grandkids. 
We celebrated Joy's 1st birthday.