Baby Oren is Here- Part 2

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"It's a...
No wait....
Girl...It's a Girl!"
Confused? Yep! We were too! Those were the words we heard as the doctor pulled our baby girl from my belly! As you all know, we waited until delivery to find out the sex of our baby. But we never thought it would be a really big surprise! 

After almost 24 hours of labor and much discussion with our doctor about the need for a c-section, I was emotionally drained and exhausted from all that happened in the previous long hours. So there I sat, crying, as the doctor said I was too small, the baby was too big, she was sideways, and not coming out on her own. My doctor is awesome and was so encouraging and supportive. As she was talking to my emotional self she said, "Girlfriend, we have known all along from the ultrasound that this is a big boy you have." I was stunned! All I could think was, "Did she seriously just give the sex of the baby away? After all this I don't even get a surprise at the end?" A few minutes later the doctor left the room and Jon said, "So I guess we're having a boy!" I laughed and said, "I guess so!" We knew the end was in sight and were feeling relieved... we talked and chatted about having a boy and his name, and were now excited to meet him. 

They wheeled me into the operating room and one of the nurses who was getting me all set up said, "So, does HE have a name?" And now I was thinking, "Okay, we are definitely having a boy." I said to the nurse, "Yes we do. But we'll wait to announce it until we see him." A few minutes later they started the c-section. It was much faster than I thought and before I knew it, my doctor was suctioning her nose and mouth and pulling her out. While doing this she was saying things like, "You've got a good size boy here!" "Wait until you see his head, he was not coming out on his own." She then pulls Evie all the way out and announces, "It's a boy!" (Now remember, Jon is standing next to her videoing the birth). As soon as she announced "it's a boy" Jon got the funniest look on his face. As Jon was getting that look on his face the doctor realized she made a mistake and said, "No wait. Girl. It's a Girl!" Then you hear me say, "IT'S A GIRL?!?!?!" It was absolutely hilarious. I just started bawling because she started crying right as they announced her and it made my heart leap! A baby girl. We had a girl. I just couldn't believe it!

"Hey!!! I'm not a boy! I'm a girl!!"
As the nurses cleaned her up under the warmer, I kept staring over at her saying, "It's a girl? Really? It's really a girl?" I was just so shocked! For the majority of the pregnancy, I was convinced we were having a boy, and I was pretty much 100% convinced going into the surgery due to the doctor and nurse's  comments. 

Crazy! So, in the end, we really did get a good surprise and we couldn't be happier! She is perfect! :) 


Flinn said...

I love this story! I knew it was a girl all along - remember, God told me ;) I am so excited to meet her and love on her so much!!!

Rachelle said...

Funny! Congratulations, she is adorable!

Julie said...

Tee hee hee...that's funny. As Sosi would say, "They tricked you!"


Anonymous said...

Funny story ! She really is perfect !
Congratulations again. I hope you feel good ...

Jordan and Kate said...

I loved reading your birth story, Rachael! I also had a c-section becase Hannah Mae was too big (10lb. 3 oz.). We were surprised she was a girl because I also thought I was having a boy all along. I hope that you are healing well and getting stronger every day :) I sent you a care package this morning--hope you get it soon!