Half a Year?!?!

On September 28th, Evangeline turned 6 months old. Really? 6 months old? A half a year? Craziness. This doll baby has added so much joy to our little family and I can't imagine life without her!

And of course, the classic 6 month portrait picture. 
(It's a tad fuzzy and the color not super clear because I had to take a picture of the picture because our scanner isn't working!)

At 6 months old you are:

  • 15.8 pounds!
  • You are chewing on everything! As soon as you grab onto something it goes right into your mouth!
  • Sitting up all by yourself! (September 8th)
  • Pushing yourself from belly to sitting position (September 11th)
  • You started crawling October 10th (just two weeks after turning 6 months)
  • You continue to be all smiles. You are such a happy baby and love when people interact with you. You are so strong and able to sit by yourself and play.
You are 6 months old to the day! I love when she smiles so big that her cheeks look like they are going to bust!

  • You still love sleeping on your belly and like to fall asleep holding a little blanket up to your mouth. you don't chew or suck on the blanket, you just like putting it right against your lips and you make this little clicking sound with your tongue.
  • You giggle and giggle when we tickle you
  • You always smile when we call you Dolly Doo and when we sing your name, "Evie Rae"
  • You still love jumping in the Johnny Jumper.

  • You love to make lots of noises. You just discovered a low "growl" noise. hehe. It's so cute. 
  • You are extremely content and wake up happy. You babble and talk in your crib and chew on your feet. 
  • You had your 2nd double ear infection. Poor baby. 

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Laura Gaunnac said...

Rachel, do you still send out emails when you do an update on your blog? I have a new email, if you do: lcgaunnac@gmail.com

Your children are soooo precious!