Happy Happy Birthday Evie!

On March 28th Evie turned one years old! I'm going to say what everyone says because it's so true... time sure does fly by! This little girl has been such a joy in my life and it's hard to remember life without her!
Happy Birthday
 March 28, 2011

Happy Birthday
 March 28, 2012
We affectionally call Evie "Dolly," so for her 1st birthday I had a Dolly theme. It turned out pretty cute and I had such a fun time making the decorations (with the help of my amazing friend Liselle).

The banner says "Happy Birthday Evie"

Her 1st peek of the cake. Excitement abounds!!! 
 My all-time favorite picture. I just love her expression. She looks like my baby pics here too. 
 Really loving that strawberry cake!
 Clapping with excitement. Oh I love her. 
Present time!!! 

Evie has just started walking!!! Not all the way yet, just 5-6 steps at a time. Oh big girl. 
Brother-sister love. (For the moment. haha). Mekonen calls Evie his "best friend." 

Grandpa "Boppy" and Grandma Magz 

A special birthday letter to Evie from her Daddy...
Dear Eve,
I love you so much. You are a joy in my life every day. Your cute smile and grin always bring a smile to my heart. You have such a commanding way about your little self. You’re content to be by yourself and boss others around. It’s really funny. Your little personality is really blossoming. We think you’ll be a little fireball. You started walking yesterday too.

I hope you look back on this time in your life through pictures and see a family that was being changed
by the grace of God. I hope you can see a Daddy that is learning complete dependence on an invisible, but very real God. 

You are Daddy’s big little girl. I favor you and Meko so much because you are mine. I’ve been teaching Meko to protect you. He tells Mommy that it’s his job to “tect” you – his version of protect. I hope that you two and other siblings that come after will be surprised by the comfort of kinship. I hope our home is “a refuge for your love, a harbor for your deepest prayer. May you come to flourish in the grove, draw ever nearer to You there.”

I pray even now for that you know God as much as you can know him while on this earth. It is difficult
to maintain faith. It is worth more than anything in this world. To know God is the prize of life and very
few maintain it. Many pretend. I pray nothing more for your life than a friendship with God. I pray many other things as well, but all pale in comparison to this.

Your Mom and I call you “Dolly” with much regularity. This name is perfect for some reason. It might not stick over the years, but for now it’s perfect.

I love you.

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Flinn said...

ohh i love her!!! i would have loved even if her cone head never resolved itself.