And I'm Back- 3 and 1

Wow. Boy have I missed blogging! I wonder if anyone out there is even reading anymore! I intend to get back into the game here! But first I need to catch myself up on what my kiddos are doing, especially since I'm using my blog as a record keeper!

We've hit the age 3 and 1 stage and my days with these babes are BUSY, BUSY, BUSY. They are on the move from the time they get up (bouncing in her crib, and yelling from his bed), to the time they crash into bed at night. It's been fun to see Evie's personality emerge. I always assumed out of two kids, one would take the hyper, active, fireball role (Mekonen), and the other would take the quieter role. But boy are we wrong. I think we have 2 fireballs on our hands. Little Miss Evie is really coming into her own these days and I am amazed at her ability to hold her own with Mekonen. These babes are ACTIVE, and our days are very full, but I already feel their baby days flying by and I'm trying to enjoy them as much as possible. Here's a little bit of what they are up to!

3 years
(Pic from February)
  • You are asking "why" about EVERYTHING!!! :) Well, not just "why" but any and every question possible. We joke about carrying around a clicker to count how many questions you ask a day. It's gotta be in the several hundred! 
  • Whenever you've said something you think is funny but no one laughed, or you didn't think we heard you (because we weren't laughing) you say in the cutest, funniest way, "Did you hear what I just said?"
  • When I have wrongly yelled at you and didn't apologize you say to me, "Mommy, I'm sorry you w-elled at me." This is his way of reminding me that I raised my voice at him and forgot to apologize. Gotta love him!  
  • You are really into Playmbol toys rights now...airplanes, boats, pirate ships, and any kind of truck. You also still love to line up all your little matchbox cars and any other trucks or cars you have.
  • When driving in the car you looked out the window, saw a car driving next to us, and said, "Go faster Mommy!!! Race him!!!!" (Too much Lightning McQueen maybe?) 
  • When you talk, all of your L's become W's. It's super cute. In the car the other day you said, "Mom, I'm wickin' my wips." (lickin' my lips). Haha. 
  • You still love to sing! When music comes on in the car you get the biggest smile on your face and love joining right in. You typically hear a song only once or twice and are able to start singing it. It's crazy! You've been singing, "Everybody Rockin' in the House Tonight!"
  • You just LOVE the park. I think a huge part of that is that you get to play with other kids. You are so confident and just walk right up to kids and say, "Hey, do you want to play?" You almost always remember to ask their name too. 

  • We've figured out that with as outgoing as you are and with as much as you LOVE people, you really don't like big crowds. You like smaller groups of kids, like 3 or 4, but much more than that, and you become more reserved and tend to play by yourself.
  • You still love being outside and love to explore. You had such a fun time when we took you and Evie on a hike. You loved jumping in the water and exploring nature. 

  • You are all of a sudden sensitive to noise and cover your ears, not just for sound, but when you are scared. It's the funniest thing. 

Evangeline Rae
1 year old

  • Back in March at 1 year old you weighed 19 lbs. You are my little peanut. You learned to walk just days before your 1st birthday and we haven't been able to stop you since! 
  • Curiosity is the name of this baby girl! From the moment I bring you downstairs in the morning and put you down on the floor, you are on the move! You wander from room to room, completely content entertaining yourself. You love to push the small toy baskets around and fill them up with whatever is in your path. It's so incredibly cute. 
  • I wonder if you will grow up to love reading because right now you love books! You will carry them around and find any little stool, chair, or seat and sit there for the longest time just flipping through books. Sometimes you add your own baby babbling.

  • You love to put things into something and then dump it out. One of your favorite things to do everyday is to take out this big mason jar that we have that is full of little animals and sea creatures. You put them in one by one, and then dump out the jar, and repeat, about ten times. :) You find so much joy in these simple things. 

  • You had so many ear infections that you had to get tubes in April. You weren't talking much yet and the doctor said it was because you couldn't hear clearly enough. Once you had the tubes, you started making so many noises and started to say words. You were not happy about the gown and hat before surgery, but you sure were cute!
  • At 12 months you were only saying one word "shoes" which sounds like "eesh" and you say it every single time you see a pair of shoes. You just love shoes and are always trying to put them on your feet. 
  • You are now saying shoes, yes, and babbling mama, but not really used specifically for me.
  • You absolutely love dogs, and make a barking noise everytime you see or hear one. You get the biggest smile on your face when one is in sight. You gravitate towards the bigger dogs. Here's you and your dog Macy.

  • Not only do you hold your favorite blankies to your mouth to sleep, but now it has to be the corner of the blanket. This is how you put yourself to sleep.

Phew! And that's definitely not a recap of the many missed months, but it'll have to do! I think the hump of getting back into blogging was the fact that I've missed putting so much on the blog it felt overwhelming. But oh well, that's just some tid bits I need recorded for my own piece of mind!

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