The Jesse Tree Advent Activity

I've had a few friends ask about the Jesse Tree we did for Christmas last year, so figured I'd throw up a blog post about it if anyone else is interested in making one. We didn't put ours up this year as all our Christmas decorations are packed away for the move.

The Jesse Tree is an Advent tree that tells the story of God's plan to rescue the world, starting with when He created the world, through the Old Testament, and then ending with Jesus' birth. The name Jesse Tree came from Isaiah 11:1 in the Bible. Jesse is David's father, and Jesus came through that family line.

"There shall come forth a shoot from the stump of Jesse, and a branch from his roots shall bear fruit." 

There are a lot of ways to do the Jesse Tree. I used these free printables and made them into ornaments. You can make your own or find another creative way to display each portion of the Bible reading. Last year, we used the ornaments and read the Scripture on the back that went along with each one. You do one a day, and we typically did it at dinnertime when we like to do our family devotions. When we take it out next year, I think I'm going to go through and incorporate the Jesus Storybook Bible and the Gospel Story Bible as the readings like I did for our Easter tree.

I printed the ornaments on cardstock and glued them to wooden craft circles. 
It's much easier to use a craft circle punch for the individual ornament print-outs. Cutting all those circles with scissors is nuts! 
Then I hot glued ribbon to the back to make the ornament. 
 Our little Jesse Advent Tree

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Melodie said...

i am using that link for the printables! thank you so much! i've used the same set for the past 2 years and the boys just hang the cardstock pieces on our little jesse tree with little ornament hooks. but i love these ornaments. i've checked etsy for ornaments off and on for the past 2years but haven't really wanted to fork over the money for those. thanks for linking this option. i love it!