A Wedding and Dressed Up Cuties

The weekend after Christmas we had the joy of celebrating with Jon's sister Lindsay as she got married to the new Uncle Justin! It was a great time spent with family and of course I loved seeing my babies all dressed up together! Mekonen and cousin Owen walked Grandma down the aisle, and Evie and cousin Joy were the flower girls. They were all too cute for words! :)

The lovely couple- Justin and Lindsay Wilson!
 Rehearsal- the only way we could get her to hold her flower girl basket was to put her baby in it. Haha. Of course! 
 All ready for the rehearsal dinner. 
Oh these two are so handsome! 
Pretty little ladies...
Me, Lindsay, and Meg (Jon's sisters)
Getting ready to walk down the aisle.
 Beautiful bride and her Dad!

So beautiful...
Someone is super happy about getting a new Uncle (or super happy about the Mike and Ike's Mommy kept feeding her to keep her quiet).

Grandma Magz and Boppy with their girls.
Classic Lindsay face. Love her. 
Jon and the biddies. 
A little girl, dancing with her Daddy.
A nice end to a really insane year.
At the end of this year, this is what I am most thankful for...

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