A Holy Thursday Birthday

(Easter advent tree of Holy Week events) 

Today was Holy Thursday...a day in which we remember The Last Supper that Jesus had with his disciples before his arrest, trial, and crucifixion. It is a celebration of the new covenant- a celebration of the fact that because of Jesus' death, burial, and resurrection, we can have forgiveness of sins, once and for all, and direct access to God the Father, through Jesus. 

"When we celebrate the Lord’s Supper, we remember God’s work of redemption in the past, we proclaim his grace in the present, and we look forward to Jesus’ return in the future. It’s a joyful, thankful, hopeful celebration as we reflect on God’s grace to us through Jesus." (Justin Holcomb)

And on this Holy Thursday, we also celebrated our daughter's birthday! Evie turned 2 years old today! 
I can't believe these two pictures are the same kid! I thought for sure with my coloring, her dark hair and dark eyes would stay. Blondish hair?!?! What on earth! :) Haha. The left picture was taken the morning after she was born, and the right picture was taken this morning, on her 2nd birthday. Although she was sick with a cough, fever, and a puffy face, I managed to squeeze a smile out of her. 

I simply cannot believe she is already two. No more baby days...and really, that makes me kind of sad. We are officially celebrating with her 2nd birthday party this Saturday, so today we just enjoyed remembering her birth and celebrating all she has become in her teeny tiny, but very mighty, self. ;) Unfortunately, this little lady woke up pretty sick today. Mommy and Evie snuggled on the couch for a great majority of the day, and I even had the joy of rocking her to sleep again (which almost never happens now with her feisty, independent self). So here are a few snapshots of her official "2nd birthday." (Birthday party pics to come after Saturday!)

Sickie girl with her blankie. These blankies are her prized posessions! She puts them right up to her nose and mouth and is instantly comforted. Too funny. 
I loved every minute of rocking her to sleep at naptime. I was stroking her hair and she reached up and started stroking mine. Guess what Evie will be doing to her baby dolls next? I guarantee she starts to play with their hair! 
Everything is better when Daddy is home. She didn't want to leave his shoulder. He's her favorite. :) 
And, he brought her 2 red roses for her birthday. So sweet. 
The highlight of this birthday girl's day? A vapor rub bath! 
After a rough night the evening before, and barely a good nap, this lady fell asleep in my arms at 6:08pm while I read her a story. I don't think that has ever happened before. Then she woke up screaming as soon as I put her in her bed. Oh boy. I fear we have a long night ahead of us as she has woken up on and off all evening. 

But it's okay...I'll just soak up some more snuggles and kiss this precious face. 
We love you Evangeline Rae. You are insanely loved and cherished. 

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