We Have Some EXCITING News!!!!!

Oh man, I hate how long it's been since I've posted. I have a million posts in my head that need to be written, but they keep getting put on the back burner for one reason after another!

One of those reasons, is a BIG reason, and to find out what, watch this short video clip!
AHHHH!!!! So there you have it. The Oren fam is expanding!!! I'm pretty sure Mekonen is more excited than anybody as he will finally be getting his greatest wish-to have a brother with brown skin! He recently told Evie that she's moving out of his room because his brother is coming home. Oh so sweet. And that, dear friends, is where you come into play! You see, in Mekonen's world, his brother should be here, now, however, we have to start at literal ground zero, in terms of gathering the funds necessary to complete an adoption. So it's going to take quite some time, unless the Lord does something crazy! (Which we believe He can do!) We are kicking it into gear and trying our very best to put the work into coming up with the funds. When the agency sent us the fee schedule this week, I about burst into tears as it seems virtually impossible. We even have to start at the application fee. The most simple part of the process. 

If you don't want to see all the why's and what's of this specific product, and just want to take my word for it, and buy for a GREAT cause, scroll below to the red lettered paragraph and a message from Mekonen! 

SO two questions you might be wondering....
1) Why is Rachael selling this stuff to raise money, and not any of the other millions of things? Like I stated in the video, we are trying to come up with the best ways to earn extra money and this is a "job" I can do from home! I also have friends doing really well with it, and I'm hoping that I can follow suit! Also, if I'm looking to make money it might as well be something fun and I think it's great to provide women with a fun avenue to seeing themselves as God made them- beautiful no matter what!

2) What on earth is Younique and 3D fiber lash mascara? Well, it's an incredible naturally based make-up line with emphasis on a specific product- the 3D fiber lash mascara. These are NOT fake eye lashes! It goes on just like regular mascara!

Now if you're a male reading this, I know you're thinking, "I'm checking out, I'm a guy. I don't use this stuff." BUT, your wife, mom, sister, niece, daughter, or friend, would LOVE it. AND, it's for a good cause right? ;) (wink, wink). 

And if your'e a female reading this, you might be thinking, "I'm pretty happy with my mascara look right now." Well, any mascara looks good compared to bare lashes, but what about up next to
some other popular brands? 3D comes out way ahead! Here's my comparison picture with my normal Cover Girl mascara that I used to wear. (If you have a specific brand you want me to compare, let me know and I'll try to get that for you!) 
As I've begun this at home, online business, I've been asked several questions that I thought many might be wondering so I thought I would try to hit a bunch of them here for you. 
- These are NOT false lashes. They are a naturally based fiber & gel.
- They are $29 plus s&h (I know, seems pricey for mascara, but they really are awesome, and $29 to help us adopt isn't bad, right? haha!!)
- It lasts approximately 3 months if worn every day.
- It goes on like regular mascara, no need to wear your regular mascara underneath.
- It comes off with any eye makeup remover or face wash. No harsh scrubbing or raccoon eyes!
- It is gentle enough for contact wearers, as well as those with the most sensitive eyes. 

Another thought you might have... "This is just for those younger girls." But nope! It's not! Here's one of my best friend Katie's mom. Meet Cindy! Isn't she adorable! 
And in case the mature crowd isn't convinced yet, here's Chris, my friend Nicole's mom. 
So, how does this stuff work? Welp, I thought you might ask, so I made this video clip for you!  
Here's another question I've gotten..."I don't like the look of clumpy mascara. How do I keep this from being too clumpy?" Answer...people who wear clumpy mascara, like clumpy mascara. haha! This is just like any mascara you would put on. In fact, the gel is so smooth. If you don't wear your mascara clumpy now, you won't with 3D mascara either!
We often make choices to eat healthy, use less chemicals while cleaning, and try natural healing remedies before medicine. Our skin shouldn't be any different! Did you know your skin is the largest organ in your body?! It's important what you put on it! It only takes 26 seconds for the chemicals in your personal care products to enter your bloodstream. Younique make up, including the 3D mascara, is made from all naturally based ingredients!
So who wouldn't want great lashes?! And if that's not reason enough to convince you? This guy has a request for you 
And, here are 3 of my very good friends, Kara, Katie, and Janelle, already sporting the 3D fiber mascara lashes. I know you want to join them! So click here to order! Grab one for yourself and one for a daughter, mom, or friend! You won't be sorry you did! 
P.S. If you're on Facebook, one way you could REALLY help me out is to host an online party for me! You don't need to do anything! I create the group, you simply invite your friends online, and I do all the work! And bonus: you get free product based on the sales from the group! You've got nothing to lose! :) 

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