More Incredible News? YES!!!!!!

We continue to be amazed at the incredible things that God has been doing in the last week to provide the funding we need by June 24th. There are lots of little details following in this blog post that are just amazing. They are details that cause us to praise God because He is the only one, who again, could have orchestrated something so incredible.

All along, we have been planning on applying for an account with Lifesong for Orphans. Up until a week ago we have been unable to apply because our homestudy was not completed yet and their process required a completed homestudy. We wanted to set up this account for two reasons: One, it provides a place for a tax receipt for people who donate, and two, our church offers a matching grant through Lifesong.

Last Wednesday, barely a week ago, we finally received our completed homestudy, the same day we got the official referral paperwork for our son, which also came with the very hefty bill to be paid by June 24th. We knew that getting the Lifesong account set up in time to receive a matching grant for the June 24th deadline was out of the realm of possibility. We contacted Lifesong last Wednesday, as soon as we had the homestudy in our hands, told them of our crazy, unexpected circumstances, and they told us the fastest they can process our application and get our account set up is 6 weeks. We were devastated. That was well past the time of when we needed the grant. But we began to pray and we had lots of others praying, asking the Lord to somehow make a way for us to get this account set up and the matching grant instituted all for the June 24th deadline. As soon as I got home with the homestudy, I sat down and finished off the application. We decided we were going to send it off anyway and pray for a miracle!

Well, you'll never guess what happened. I got a call yesterday afternoon saying, "Hi Rachael, this is Lifesong. We are calling to let you know we've processed your application and you qualified for a matching grant of up to $3,500 and your account is being set up as we speak." I was speechless. For real? Are you kidding me? I about cried on the phone! They were so excited for us and said this never happens, that the earliest they have ever been able to set up accounts is 6 weeks. Ours was up in 5 days from sending our application. 5 days people. Not 6 weeks. I got an email this morning with our link and the official "Your account is live." THIS IS INCREDIBLE.

This is huge for our June 24th deadline. We will receive a matching grant from our church of up to $3,500 and another couple from our church offered to match up to $500. So that means, the first $4,000 of donations to Lifesong will be matched for a possible total of $8,000. That is amazing!!!!! This is only possible because of getting this Lifesong account and just a week ago we were told that it wouldn't be done in time!

Isn't God amazing?! He loves our son, all the way in Ethiopia, way more than anyone else, and He longs for him to be home with his forever family. Can you believe the things he is orchestrating for this precious little soul that He created? We are overwhelmed with thankfulness for the story, for his story, that we get to tell our son throughout His entire life. We are praying that or son will look back on his life and see God's hand over and over again.

So a few logistics...
1. Yes, we are still able to receive donations through our YouCaring fundraising site that has been our primary funding source from the start of our adoption earlier this spring, up until this point. However, we do prefer that any new donations be sent to the Lifesong account if possible.
2. We are close to our June 24th funding deadline. We have a little over $10,000 still needed. The goal amount you will see on the Lifesong account reflects the remaining June 24th need as well as our travel, plane flights, and in-country adoption expenses once we land in Ethiopia.
3. Donations of $50 or more will receive an automatic tax receipt. If you would like a tax receipt for a donation between $1-$49 that is definitely possible, you would just need to request it.
4. Please feel free to share our story and all the ways God is working in our family and in the life of a little boy all the way in Ethiopia!
5. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us!!!
6. We've changed the YouCaring address to our Lifesong address on our previous blog post and will do that on our Follow Us To Africa Facebook page as well! So sharing our original blogpost about our story will contain the new donation link! So no worries there!

Here's the link to our Lifesong account! God is so good! 

We love you!
Thanks for walking with us!


Autumn said...

So excited for you guys!!!

Marie Sosebee said...

This is fantastic!!!

Jennifer Thomas said...

That is amazing news! God can so move mountains! We had an account with Lifesong. We didn't get the grant matching, but we were able to have an account with them and we were so grateful. First of all, I just love everything Lifesong does for family preservation, orphan care, adoption, etc. You should do one of their Both Hands Projects? We didn't get the opportunity, but I wish we would have. It would have been a great experience. So happy for you guys. Things are moving forward so quickly! The Lord knows what is needed and He will continue to have His plan unfold! Love it!!!

Sue Fisher said...

Praise the Lord for all He's doing! How encouraging for all of us who get to watch God's plan for your family unfold!

Sarena said...

I am a friend of Jon's from Cedarville..and I'm not exactly an "active" Facebook participant. :-) However, I stumbled onto your blog when a friend posted a link to your story. First, Rachael, you are adorable and precious, and I've learned some parenting ideas through you already (I have 2 boys of my own)! Secondly, my husband and I have been to the slums and an orphanage in Kenya. All children are precious, but we know the faces of similar African kiddos, whom God cares about far more than we ever could! Anyway, those images will stay with us forever. May God continue to provide all the means to get this little sweetheart into your embrace! We are so excited for you! Sarena (Luke) Schwartz