Toy Madness

Here's what our house looks like after a hard day of playing!



I am pretty sure I have my mom to thank for my toy organization OCDness. When we were really young and would go for a nap or to bed, my mom would organize all the toys. And when I say "organize" I mean it! She knew exactly how many legos of each color there were. So, if there 23 yellow legos and she only had 22, she would look until she found that number 23. This would drive my dad nuts! There was no such thing as a "random box of toys" in our house. Every box or crate had carefully selected toys in it. For example, all the baby doll clothes in one, all my brother's toy cars in one, play food in another. Nothing was mixed. I fear I have adopted the same craziness and I too will go to great lengths to find the missing pieces and make sure like toys are sitting by like toys! Thanks mom!

And the culprit of the above pictured madness? 
Here he is...


Anonymous said...

Steve is the ocd cleaner in our house, I laughed at your description! If you were really too far gone you would only let him play with one toy at a time and then put it away before he got the next one out. I thought I would give you that thought to feed the madness! :)

Love, JO

Katie & Tim said...

you're welcome to come clean and organize my house when you get done with yours...anytime! :)

Emily B. said...

totally random but all of the Carter's clothes make me laugh. I play a game to guess which of this season's outfits he'll be wearing next. :)

I'm thinking mama hit an outlet at the beginning of the season because Mekonen is ALWAYS in Carter's clothes. LOL!

The Isaak Family said...

Be thankful you have the OCD tendencies! I do NOT and it drives me nutty really. The more insistent on organizing you are now with one child, the easier it will be when you add more to the mix....which by the way, the messes will be WAY BIGGER!!! Oy, my house...well, just oy.

Hannatu said...

Ha! Ha! This is hilarious. I didn't worry too much about missing things, but every type of toy had it's box. I think when you live in a small space you have to be pretty well organized. If you have a separate toy room then you probably don't have to worry so much about cleaning up.

Amber said...

ha... I am totally like that too. And, it is not easy once you are totally outnumbered by the kiddos and all of their toys...ugh. But, luckily they can start helping... that is unless your like me and want it a certain way so you do it yourself. And, yes I know that is not teaching them anything, but I need my sanity. Love the lil' man's pic at the end.

Emily B. said...

Ooops! This outfit is gymboree?? wow! I stand corrected :)

(though I knew it looked familiar... I shop Kohl's and gymboree outlet too so if Dawit doesn't own the same outfits as Mekonen I've at least perused over them at one of our 2 favorite stores.) At least we always know he's well dressed. LOL!