Zambia Trip- Part 3

For most of my life, I have felt God calling me to live and minister to people in a developing country. Before we met, Jon also had the same calling. Then God brought us to each other and we began our life together. We are longing for God to place us overseas in the exact spot He wants us, knowing that it must be God's desire for it all to work.

We were presented with the opportunity to see what is happening in Zambia and to see whether it might be a potential place for us to return to long-term.

We are confident in what God has shown us during our time in Zambia. It was a growing time for us and we spent most evenings talking, praying, and reading the Bible late into the night, trying to discern what God was speaking to us. 
  • Our time in Zambia was absolutely incredible. We always knew the kind of work we wanted to do but didn’t know exactly what it could look like until now. 
  • We had a wonderful time  in Zambia with the Enrights- seeing and hearing of their vision for not only Zambia, but for other countries in Africa. God placed Africa on our hearts in a special way several years ago, and that began to play out specifically with the adoption of our son from Ethiopia. After spending almost two weeks in Zambia, we are longing to see a Kafakumba Project started in Ethiopia. Our hearts are in Ethiopia and we know that the Lord wants us to serve there long-term. John Enright was very excited about our calling for this kind of work in another African country and has helped us to brainstorm and create a vision for what we could do in Ethiopia. 
  • We are incredibly excited and cannot wait to get going. After much discussion with John Enright about how to go about this, he suggested that we get some kind of job in Ethiopia for 2-3 years so that we can get in the country, make connections with the people and their culture, learning in a non-pressurized situation, and begin to learn the language. 
  • During our trip, we thought maybe we would go to Zambia for a year or two and learn more of what they do, but he said it would be more profitable for us to get straight to Ethiopia as soon as we can. 
  • During our beginning time in Ethiopia, we would be in contact with the Enrights as we are scoping out Ethiopia to see what kind of businesses would be productive there in and around Addis.  We also hope to continue to visit Kafakumba in Zambia to learn what continues to work and avoid what has failed. Once we have established ourselves in Ethiopia, John Enright mentioned possibly coming to Ethiopia with his son to help us actually get started on the self-sustaining businesses. It would start small, one business, and then expand from there. 
  • This is a very long plan with many, many steps along the way. It won't happen quickly, and luckily, we are young and time is on our side. We are so excited for what we saw in Zambia and what could possibly one day happen in Ethiopia. 
SO....what now? We are researching jobs in Ethiopia. As soon as the Lord provides us with a job, we are hoping to move to Ethiopia and begin this incredible life journey of serving Jesus in this way. We covet your prayers for God to give us the right job in Ethiopia and to continue to speak to our hearts. 


jenanton01 said...

I was so excited reading about your experiences. We will keep your family in our prayers and hope that God opens doors for you.

Pastoor Family said...

Oh Rachael! What a wonderful trip you had, and what a wonderful opportunity for you and for the Ethiopian people if you are truly to go there and start up a business like the Enright's! I would love to sell everything and move to Africa!

We will be praying for you!

J. E. Foyer said...

It is certainly a calling of God to be a missionary in Africa or in anywhere for that matter. It sounds like your trip to Zambia was very revealing to you. I am glad that you guys are hoping to spread the Gospel of God's kingdom to the people in Ethiopia. I am excited to hear more. My Mom spent most of her life in Guinea, and my aunt and uncle currently have a mission in Conakry. My grandfather wrote about his work in Guinea it is called "On the Wings of a Dove: An African Missionary Odyssey." I have a copy I can send you or you can buy on Amazon. I know you and Jon will do well. God bless and keep you guys!

Lynn said...

That is so exciting! I am glad God used your time in Zambia to give you the direction you were looking for!

The Isaak Family said...

We are so excited to finally hear all that went on for your trip to Zambia! I have been checking your blog everyday since Friday, since i didn't know when you were coming home.
I think your plans are amazing. keep us informed, as this is something Craig and I could get behind. I have visited the website of the project, and I'm thrilled to hear that you want to start it up in Ethiopia. So, keep us up to date! :-)

momentswiththemookies said...

Incredibly excited and happy for you and your family. What a wonderful journey you are about to travel.

Ginger said...

Welcome back...so glad you had such a great trip! How exciting...we'll keep you in our prayers that things continue to develop for your future work in Ethiopia!

Amber said...

Holy Moly.... I am in awe of you and your family Rachael. The whole time I was reading your Zambia posts I kept thinking- this would be perfect for Ethiopia. Amazing!!!! I am speechless and excited for you!!!!

Michelle said...

Our prayers will be with you and your family. I am confident that your calling to Ethiopia will allow you to find employment there soon.

Jim said...

Wow! What an exciting adventure ahead for the 3 of you! God is so amazing to give us desires and then show us how He wants to use us to fulfill those desires. We will be praying about a job there for you guys.

jessboulet said...

So proud of you Rach!! Even tho we'll all miss you guys, seeing your little fam in Africa just "fits". I just got around to reading all this, haha I'm really lame at keeping up with blogs (obviously).

Don't go moving to Africa without giving us a date so I can come see you again. It's a lot easier for me to visit Indy than Africa :) Easter again perhaps?!?!