Mekonen's 1st Kiss

Mekonen and Sosina back together again!!! While Mekonen and I were in PA, we spent some time at my sister's in Philly and were able to have the Witmers over for the afternoon! What a much needed visit for me! There's nothing like dear friends who just "get" so much of us!

And now, more pics to include in Mekonen & Sosi's wedding video. We even captured their first kiss on camera! Who says arranged marriages are a thing of the past?!?!
That first getting reacquainted hug! Sos is not so sure about this.
But plop them on a trike and they're back in the game!
Donovan trying to get Sosi to push Mekonen on the trike. It wasn't happening. Haha.
 Playing soccer with Donovan. They're both very athletic! Look out everyone!
Sosi, clearly on a mission.
Playing together.
Julie & I with Sosi, Mekonen, and my niece and nephew, Aderyn and Manny. They were so excited to finally meet Sosina. They were waiting all day for her to come!
Love, love this picture. And I just love how extremely happy Mekonen is. I don't think his dimple could get any deeper. He's got his mama and his girl right next to him. Oh yeah, and his future mother-in-law too!


Michelle said...

What precious photos!

Julie said...

I get to pick out my dress first as the mother of the bride--that's all I have to say.

We're pathetic--these kids will surely never want to date simply from our pressure alone.

xoxo--we miss Meko already!!!

Calmil2 said...

Wow....serious cuteness!!

Santiago & Ruth Arteaga said...

too cute!!!!