Need Help

It's been a really long almost two weeks. My Grandma passed away and we've been in Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Maine, and back to Pennsylvania, where I still am until Friday. It's been a good time with family. A bittersweet time saying goodbye to the grandparent I was closest with. I have had no time or energy to post, and really no words to put to all I want to say. But I will be back in the next few days!

In the meantime, I have a HUGE favor to ask.

I am in a trial period for an extra side job of publishing articles for a blog. I can become a permanent paid blogger for them depending on how well my trial articles do (meaning how many people view my article and hit the subscribe button under my article). Even if you are not interested in anything I have to say, and... even if you don't read it, will you please go to my article and hit subscribe? I also get points for comments at the end of my article (if you want to make something up) and if you sign up for Twitter for them. http://blog.clariity.com/newborn-and-toddler/babies-are-what-they-eat

 I would really, really appreciate it! If I have a certain amount of people do this, they will allow me to be a regular paid blogger, which would be a huge help for us!


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Ginger said...

Done! Left a comment & subscribed.