Mekonen's 2nd Gotcha Day!

We met our son skin to skin, face to face, on August 21, 2009- His Gotcha Day! And this past weekend we celebrated Mekonen's 2nd Gotcha Day! About twenty of our friends came together to celebrate this special day in our family's life. I spent the afternoon with my amazing friend Julie cooking a traditional Ethiopian meal of dora wat, siga wat, lentils and an Ethiopian vegetable dish, served with injera! (We bought the injera though. Too hard to make). It was super yummy. It was so neat to have so many of our friends tight and cozy around a huge table together. They have been such a support to us and have lavished more love on our little family than we know what to do with.

After eating dinner we headed downstairs and watched Mekonen's adoption video on the big screen. He loves seeing himself on a movie and calls it the "Baby Bonen Movie." He loves to talk about how Mommy and Daddy came to get him on an airplane. When we ask him where he was born he says, "Opia" and sometimes even "DeeDawa" (Dire Dawa, the town where he was born). So cute. Then we headed back upstairs for desserts and some gifts. Mekonen was one spoiled little boy. :)

Super yummy cupcakes for dessert!!
Presents! Mekonen was very excited about this. :) 

Super yummy cupcakes for dessert. 

 Evie enjoying the party.

Happy 2nd Gotcha Day Mekonen. You my dear one, are the delight of my heart. 
I think I might burst with joy. 


Julie said...

Love it--two years, can you even believe it? But what Sosi took from these photos is that Evie is a "ballerina." :-)

unoeufisenough said...

Happy Gotcha Day M !!