9 Months Old

Mekonen turned 3 years old on December 28th, and this cutie cutes turned 9 months old the same day!

At 9 months old you are:
  • You are mimicking noises and of course we think it's the cutest thing. You love to smack your tongue and will laugh in response to someone laughing at you. It's fun to see you developing into a little person. hehe. 
  • You started walking around with a toy walker on Christmas day and less than a week later were cruising around Grandma's furniture. It really is a funny sight to see because you are so tiny. (sorry for the stellar camera skills). 
  • You are finally eating some finger food- just puffs! You still gag and gag on Cheerios, but you eat puffs a little better, gagging here and there, but you love them!
  • You still want nothing to do with a sippy cup and if we give one to you, you just end up chewing on it. 
  • You still like to wake up in the middle of the night and cry a bit, but at least not every single night now! What happened to 0-6 months when you slept through the night without a peep? 
  • You are expressing your little temper these days and yell very loudly when something doesn't go your way. uh-oh! 
  • You are in love with your blankie. You find it so soothing to put it right up to your mouth and make these little clicking noises with your tongue. When you sleep, you like it lightly touching your lips. Thankfully you don't suck on it though. Eww gross. 

  • Your favorite food is sweet potatoes, and a mix of pears, carrots and squash. Your favorite fruit is apples and blueblerries mixed. You are a plain girl when it comes to food. So far you are not a fan of mixed stuff (besides the pears, carrots, and squash), and most recipes with meat in the them make you mad. haha. 
  • You are starting the stranger anxiety stage and prefer your Mommy to most people. When a stranger talks to you, you turn your head into my shoulder like you are being shy. When people are in the room, and then they leave, you often cry. You are just like your Mama...you love having lots of people around.
  • And the best yet? Your first word is "mama" and yes, you actually do say it in reference to me. *love*

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