Happy 3rd Birthday Mekonen!

Mekonen turned 3 years old today! Wow. Boy does time fly. I can't believe I have a 3 year old. I can't believe my baby is already 3! This pretty much makes him preschool age, which is strange. :) Oh how I love him more than my life itself!
Mekonen Jack
3 years
Mekonen loves, absolutely loves, Thomas and trains. So this year we did a Thomas the Tank Engine party with his cousins. We set up the table while he was taking his nap and when he woke up and came up the stairs to all the Thomas and birthday things in the front room, his face lit up! It was too cute. He kept saying, "Whoa! Look at Thomas!!!" 
The birthday boy's seat!
Thomas cake!!
I love how excited he is in this picture!
 Blowing out the candles!
 Cutie boy.
 Opening gifts! We got Mekonen a Thomas book, paint with color book, a Thomas Take-N-Play Pirate ship, and a remote control "Cars" car (which he was so fascinated with). My parents got him the Radio Flyer Classic Tricycle. He also got a Cars placemat, another paint with color book, stamps, and a cape with a big "M" on it for superhero play. 
 Mommy and Evie
 Playing with the Thomas Pirate ship. 

At 3 years old, you are growing into quite the little man. You are 36 lbs and have grown out of two pant sizes this fall! You sound so incredibly grown up when you talk and answer most questions in complete sentences, such as, "Hey Mekonen, do you want to go to the store?" and he says, "Yes I do!" It's super cute. Some of your other famous responses are, "yes it is." "oh sure." and "actually..." 

You are very sweet and have been using please, thank you, and you're welcome without reminders almost all the time. You are constantly thanking me for things that I do for you, without prompting and things we haven't "taught" you to say. For example, while eating your lunch you stopped and said, "Thanks for making me lunch Mom." and, "thanks for giving me a bath Mom." Melts my heart. 

You have a genuine joy and happiness that busts out of your little self. You laugh and laugh all day long and get such a kick out of making your sister laugh. You will go to great lengths to do this! Whenever we want to get you to smile for a picture we say, "Mekonen laugh!!" And you do, on command. A full on belly laugh. 

You continue to love music and can learn a new song in just one day. You even recognize songs you know that are just instrumental. Crazy. Right now you sing the hymns "Blessed Assurance," "Standing on the Promises," "All Creatures of our God and King," and umpteen amounts of kid songs like "If You're Happy and You Know it Clap Your Hands." You can recite Psalm 23 and we have begun memorizing the first chapter of James. So far you have verse 2-3 completed. 

You love trains and cars. Thomas and his friends are your go-to train characters and you still love the characters from the movie Cars.  

You are an all or nothing kid. As soon as you get something in your mind, there's no stopping you. When you like something, it's all the way, such as a favorite toy or character. Because of this, we work hard to set your heart on Jesus. 

We continue to pray for you daily, that God will draw you to Himself, and that you will love Him, and live your life for Him. We pray that you love and protect your sister and build a strong and lasting relationship with her. Your name means "noble," "the next one to rule" and we pray great things in that direction. We praise the Lord for making you exactly as you are, for His glory. May we love and encourage you this coming year (and many, many years to come) into becoming who God has created you to be. 

We love you!


Jon Oren said...

Beautiful post! I love you and our little ones.

Jon Ryan and Christy said...

Sweet post. What a precious son you have been blessed with. Praying today for your little mister that the Lord would incline Mekonen's heart to Himself to walk in all His ways. You are a good mama and I'm always blessed by your post.
happy birthday Mekonen!