Happy Gotcha Day!

Happy 3rd Gotcha Day Mekonen!
It's hard to believe that 3 years ago we stepped off the plane at the Indianapolis airport with our darling little boy. He stole my heart before we ever even met, before I ever even knew his name. And now, he is ours. ;) 
Gotcha Day is when we celebrate Mekonen's adoption. "Gotcha" day is the first day we actually met him in person, in Ethiopia- August 21, 2009.
Our family 3 years ago, on a bus in Ethiopia, headed to the airport to come home....
Our family today...
(I promise, Mekonen was having a great time). 
3 years ago on Gotcha Day...

This year on Gotcha Day....my how he's grown.
We shared a "Happy Gotcha Day" cake with our small group from church on his actual "Gotcha Day" (August 21st) and then tonight had a small celebration with some close friends. I cooked 3 Ethiopian dishes, we watched Mekonen's adoption lifebook video, and he got to open a couple of gifts from us. And of course, much laughter to be had between he and his good buddy Josiah. 

Mekonen loves Ethiopian food. :)
 Evie loved walking around with a big roll of injera bread. 
 Daddy and Mekonen
 Josiah. One of Mekonen's favorite friends. 
 Isaiah could not get enough of the Ethiopian food. It was too cute. 
 Adam and Allie. Our dear friends. Jon and Adam have been best friends since 4th grade. 
 More great friends. Michael and Kenean. Kenean is from Ethiopia and they just had their first baby Moses last week! So glad they came to celebrate with us. 
 A girl and her Daddy. (I was holding up a cupcake to get her to look at the camera. Ha!)
 Our Gotcha Day tradition- watching Mekonen's adoption video. 
 I love how Evie is watching from the coffee table. 
 Mekonen squealed with delight when he opened this gift... a pack of 10 cars from the movie Cars. He couldn't contain his excitement!
 We also got him a special reading light for his bed, which he thought was so cool. Now he can turn on his light in the morning and look at his books in bed (which means Mommy gets a few more minutes of sleep). 

We are so grateful that God gave us Mekonen. His outgoing and extremely happy disposition light up our home each and every day. It's impossible to be around him and not grin from ear to ear. We love you sweet boy! So glad you are forever ours. 

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Flinn said...

I love that your sweet boy is also a part of my life now that I am in Indy. I could kiss his little face forever! How I love that boy, his laugh and our adventures together :)

He is, afterall, the boy whose smile distracts me enough to run across a parking lot and completely forget that I left my door open.

What a sweet boy that fits perfectly with his sweet mama!