A Crazy Fun Week!

A sign the grandkids have arrived at Grandma's, adorning her house with their fingerprints, loud feet, and excited giggles....
I want to take a moment to say how wonderful my Mom is. She is the greatest Grandma ever! Ever since Manny arrived as the 1st grandchild, and then with each child who followed, she has joyfully soaked up every minute of being a Grandma, and especially taking advantage of the fact that she lives close to 5 of her 7 grandchildren. Last week my Mom took Manny and Aderyn for an entire week! Their parents weren't going away or anything, my Mom has just always envisioned having her grandkids for vacation time during the summers...building memories that they will remember forever. And it's not just a random week in the summer. She works full-time but even still, her family is her prized possession. She is often found having a sleep-over at her house with my sister's girls (who live in the same town), taking the kids for the day, or driving 2 1/2 hours to Philly to see baseball games, school activities, and soak up some grandkid time while their Mom and Dad go out. She is amazing!

So my Mom planned "a week of summer fun" for the kids! She took Manny and Aderyn for the entire week, my sister's girls came to all the activities- who live in town-, and I drove my two out to PA so they wouldn't miss out on the fun. We had 3 major day trips- a waterpark, amusement park, and camping trip, alternated by "break" days where they swam in Grandma's pool and filled her house with noise and messes!

So thank you Mom for beginning the kind of Grandparent legacy that you and Dad didn't have... Godly Grandparents who show their love and support of their families with the gift of joyful time. I get teary-eyed just writing that, wishing my parents were across town to watch my babies grow up. I wish we weren't so far away, but am thankful for the many trips we get to make to see you. You are building joyful memories!

All 7 of the Grandkids! 
Aderyn (6), Mekonen (3), Manny (7), Natalie (5)
Kim (21 months), Jane (4), and Evie (16 months)
While we were in PA, we celebrated Jane's 4th birthday! 
My sisters and I having way more fun at Jane's "Max and Ruby Party" than the kids. :)
First big day trip! The waterpark! We were a riding advertisement for Graco carseats! 
The Original Fab Five at the waterpark, waiting with much excitement to go down the slides! 
Mekonen was hesistant at first, but quickly warmed up and was flying down the slides by himself!
Jane always came down tumbling every which way. I laughed so hard every time she went rolling into the pool below. It was so funny and she didn't seem to mind one bit! 
The second big day trip was a trip to Knoebles amusement park. We got all the kids on the mini roller coaster together without us adults. They were a tad "shooken up" but loved it! 
 Evie's very 1st amusment park ride by herself. She LOOOOVED it. I think she is going to be my daring girl when it comes to rides. And of course, she screamed her head off when she had to get off. 
 This was by far the funniest thing I've seen our kids do. They all drove these go-carts on this track by themselves, using a gas pedal and everything! I never laughed so hard. Mekonen only crashed a few times! :) 
 I told them to give me their "scary faces" for the teacup ride. Looks like only Grandma listened! 
And we saved the biggest trip for last! A weekend of camping. Now that is one brave set of Grandparents! They took 6 of the Grandkids camping without their parents (except for me), and all the kids are 7 and under! Hats off to them! Whoa! 
Here are the kids helping Grandpa set up the tent. 
The kids went to collect firewood for Grandpa and they came back with this tree. We were losing it. :) 
Swimming in the campground pool. Again, no one likes going into freezing cold water (which never seems to bother kids), and my Mom went right in! Brrr! Now that's love. 

 The Bigs getting ready for smores!
 Grandma bought all the kids headlamps. They thought they were so cool. 
Bedtime story in the tent with their favorite book, "Mrs. Brown Went to Town."
 All the Grandkids slept with Grandma and Grandpa in the tent. It was stinkin' hilarious! 

 The kids couldn't wait to fish! They each had their own special fishing pole. Of course, Mekonen's was Cars. :)
 They caught fish every time they put their pole in the water. 
Here's Mekonen's first fish. As soon as he reeled it out of the water, he took off running. It freaked him out because it was flapping around. He wouldn't go near it! 
 Ready for a canoe ride!
 Before this picture was taken my Mom and Evie were also in the canoe. It was so funny. We were all packed in and the kids were so scared we were going to tip! 
 Camping trip rain out! It POURED!!!!!!!! We had to quickly pack up on night 2 of our trip. We were all soaked, including all the stuff. It was jam packed into the car and all you could see were four little heads sticking out. They thought it was so funny. 

Hats off to you Grandma for not only creating a wonderful week of memories for your grandkids, but for the way you do that week after week, year after year. These are the days they will remember when they are grown. We love you. 


Flinn said...

so if I get on "the list" can my little use your parents as their second set of grandparents?

Your mom makes my heart happy with her love!

Flinn said...

and your dad isn't so shabby either :)