Summer Happenings- Part 3

More summer 2012 recordings...

Jon and I love going to a good country concert. This year we went to Zac Brown Band. It was over 100 degrees, but super fun! 

 On my way to PA to visit my family, I stopped halfway at my college rommate's house. It's the first time I met her sweet little girl Avery. I miss those days of us living in a small, crummy apartment in Cedarville, OH! Crazy how we both have kids now! They had a blast playing together. 
 My blondie. Her brunette.
Love it. 
 Avery: "What did they do to us?"
Evie: "I don't know, but do I look as ridiculous as you right now?"
Back together with my best friend Rach and her little boy Gideon. Sure wish we lived in the same state! 
 We enjoyed several trips to the splash park with our good friends Macie and Miss Corrie!
Two goobers. 
Eve was a little hesitant at first, but then found the fountains that were just her size. 
We had a lot of fun with our water table this summer. Not jut water, but soap suds and cooked spaghetti!

A highlight of the summer...watching the Olympics....
Oh this makes my heart so happy.
Daddy and Mekonen went on a date together. Cars 2 was showing on the big screen at a local park. Mekonen got decked out in his Cars gear. Lightning McQueen outfit, Cars headlamp, Cars silly bands, Car band-aid for his boo-boo, and his Tow Mater pillow pet. You couldn't have found a happier kid! 

Pigtails! A new favorite summer hair-do!
This summer we finished up the Charlotte Mason 3 year old reading list. The kids favorite books on her list were McDuff the dog books, and Carl books. 
My Uncle Bill, Auntie Ruth, and cousin Jenny all stopped overnight on their way to Chicago. Jenny brought her dog Fancy, and Evie just loved pushing her around in her stroller like she was a baby. Evie was mesmerized by this little thing. :) 
We live in the midwest! The state fair is one of the highlights of our summer!
 The kids loved feeding the goats!
 A boy and his love for tractors. 
 Then after I snapped the picture, he turned around and grabbed the udders and yelled, "Look! It's the cow's_____" (insert anatomically correct word for you know what). Awesome Parenting 101. 
 An evening stroll at the fair with Daddy.
Cutest John Deere advertising I've ever seen ;) 

How this girl is found most days...sitting among a stack of books. 
There are amazing resources in the Indianapolis area for families who have adopted from Ethiopia. There's a Bible believing Ethiopian church on the west side that puts together functions every other month for adoptive families to bring their children to. They learn about Ethiopian culture, hang out with other Ethiopians, and other adopted Ethiopian kids, and participate in all sorts of fun things. This summer, they added something super awesome! The 4th Sunday of the month, they do their church service in English so that adoptive families can bring their children. Wow. Awesome. So thankful to have something like this for our son. Here he is trying to follow along in his Bible at the Ethiopian church. 
Our friend Bisrat from Ethiopia was here visiting! We haven't seen him since we picked up Mekonen in Ethiopia in 2009! He brought us all over ET and became a great friend. What a godly Ethiopian for Mekonen to look up to. 
 We enjoyed another visit to the lake where Jon's Aunt Mary and Uncle John live. This time, cousins Nathan, Charlotte, and Travis joined us. Mekonen had a blast!!!! 
Indiana summer....nothing like watching a baseball game on a blanket, eating hot dogs and popcorn. 
It was a great summer. One that flew by much too quickly, and one where we grew much as a family. Now looking ahead to a fabulous Fall! (Even though it's still in the 90's here!)

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