And the Baby Keeps Growing

18 Weeks 
(well, almost 19 weeks).
Baby Facts:
  • Baby is 5 1/2 inches long, and 7 oz, and the size of a green bell pepper. 
  • Many moms can feel movement by now. 
  • Baby can yawn and hiccup
  • Baby has a full set of fingerprints and toe prints!

Fun Facts:
  • October 29th, at exactly 17 1/2 weeks, I felt baby move for the first time! I thought I had been feeling it earlier that week, but wasn't sure, and thought a few times earlier on the 29th I felt it. But it wasn't until I was laying down, still, and quiet, in bed that night that I knew for sure that I felt it. And it moved A LOT. Rolling and turning, punching, and kicking. Coolest little feeling ever. Although truthfully, a tad creepy feeling too! I woke Jon up to tell him. I thought for sure with how strong the kicks felt that he could feel from the outside, but he couldn't. A few more weeks before that. :) 
  • In the first several weeks of the 2nd trimester, I felt so nauseous and sick at night, even more than the 1st trimester. Weird. I'm thankful most of that has passed now!
  • As was true with Evie, my gums/teeth hurt! I think I need more calcium! 
  • I'm seeing a pregnancy chiropractor and it's been awesome. I have super tight round ligaments in the front, and it's been great getting put back in place every couple weeks. My bones already hurt when I walk around too much. That happened a lot later with Evie! Maybe Jon will end up pushing me in the stroller at Disney World in a couple weeks. 
  • I've been having random calf cramps at night. 
  • Still wearing regular clothes, but starting to get a little uncomfortable, especially when I sit down. So looks like I won't be able to button my pants before long! Then, on to the sexy maternity pants!
  • Evie continues to be obsessed with the baby in my belly. She's always asking things like, "Where's the paci for that baby in your belly?" And, "Mom, do we have a highchair for the baby?" She now walks around with a baby doll under her shirt (taught to her by her big girl friend, Lila. haha). 

I'm excited for tomorrow. It's our "half-way" ultrasound! Love seeing that little baby on the screen. We are planning on taking the kids. Evie will probably go nuts. :)

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