Boy or Girl You Ask?

Today was our big mid-pregnancy ultrasound, although, we did not find out the gender! Gasp you say? No baby wasn't being modest, we just decided to keep the gender a surprise until his/her birthday! We did this with Evie and loved it. The surprise at the end was super fun for us and we are excited to do it again. We have a boys name completely nailed down, and still have no clue, on a girl's name. We are always open to suggestions, but nothing trendy, and meaning/significance is importance to us.

We brought the kids along to the ultrasound because they've been talking a lot about the baby in Mommy's belly and because Evie has been particularly obsessed with the whole idea. They didn't find it quite as exciting as I thought they would (surprise, surprise, they are 4 and 2). But probably mostly because they didn't understand that the weird looking black and white thing on the TV screen was their little brother or sister. Evie said she didn't like the noise because it was scary (the baby's heartbeat), and Mekonen said the baby looked like a dinosaur. They asked a million questions about the buttons on the computer the tech was using and were more fascinated with watching her move the wand across my stomach with the gooey blue gel, than the actual baby up on the screen. But oh well, it was fun, and I'm glad they were there.

Baby is happy and healthy, and this Mama can breathe a sigh of relief. There's always that mid-pregnancy mild freak out that "what if something is wrong?" "are they ok?" etc., that comes. At least for me, so it's great to hear a strong heartbeat and see all the parts working together and moving around like they're supposed to. Baby was pretty active, jumping around, kicking its feet, opened and closed its mouth, had the hiccups, and even waved. Evie thought the waving part was hilarious. Haha. It's about the only thing that she really seemed to understand. ;) Baby is weighing about 10 oz. and measuring exactly 19 weeks (and I'm not technically 19 weeks until Sunday- two more days). So growth is excellent.

So without further ado, here is Baby Oren the 3rd, in his/her cute and creepy alien stage. Awww, it's okay baby, you will get chunky and fat, and be the cutest little thing we've ever seen.

They are a little fuzzy because I took picture of them with my phone rather than scanning them.  Arm is bent up by head and mouth is opening.
This is when the baby was waving. It was the only thing Evie recognized and she thought it was funny to see the baby waving. She wanted to know why it was waving. The lady told her that the baby was friendly. ;)

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