Home for the Holidays- Part 1

This year was our first official year in our first (and hopefully last!) home! We closed on our schoolhouse last December 2012, but didn't move in until March 2013. So our first holidays were this year! We've never been in a house where we had the space to host a holiday, so this year was a first, and I'm so glad we did!

We spent Thanksgiving here at home and had Jon's parents and one of our best friends Megan over for dinner. I cooked my first turkey and was thankful for the constant help of my Mom a phone call away, while she was making her Thanksgiving dinner too! I came down with a mild case of pneumonia the day before Thanksgiving and we weren't sure we were going to be able to pull it off, but after a couple doses of medicine and some rest, I made it! The kids woke up super excited for a "Thanksgiving feast" as many of their kid Thanksgiving books from the library talked about. They also got to watch the Macy's day parade on TV and shouted with joy when all their favorite blow-up characters went by.

The kids made our guests some special Thanksgiving cards.

Some of my Fall/Thanksgiving decorations.
 New door and new hutch I got this Fall. (I haven't been able to decorate inside the hutch yet). I love this little corner in our dining room.
 New buffet table I also got this Fall.
Our Thanksgiving dinner place settings. I totally used paper plates. When you don't have a dish washer and eat with a crowd, paper plates it is! 
And here it is! My very 1st turkey. (After I pulled a piece of skin off the top. Oops!) I was surprised that it turned out quite decent and wasn't dry. And to top it off, I got my Mom's gravy right on the first try. 
Daddy and Meko.
 Mommy and Eve.
Mommy and one of her best friends Aunt Meg. (I missed the memo about the crazy face). 
Meg's dog Polly came to join the fun. After pooping in several rooms in our house, she passed out cold on the floor. 
Boppy & Grandma Magz with the kiddos.
One of the best of the sibling pics. Yikes!

 Daddy attempting a post-turkey snooze. Definitely not realistic with these two monsters around. 

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