Merry Christmas!

We left Monday the 23rd to start our long trek to PA. Daddy had to work on this day and luckily they were accounts in Dayton and Columbus, Ohio which were on the way. The first stop, the kids were asleep since left around 5:30am so we hung out in the car until they woke up, then watched a movie, and went to get donuts while Daddy worked. During the second account visit we went to Chick-Fil-A, had lunch, and played. All in all the kids were in the car for about 17 hours and they were such troopers!!!!

There's something so special to me about going "home." There's much comfort in the sights and smells of where I grew up and I always get giddy excited to walk into my parents house. So thankful we could be there for Christmas.

Christmas Eve service. 

 My kids carrying on the tradition of opening Grandma Penny's gift on Christmas Eve (my Grandma, their great-grandma).
 All the crazy presents- and this wasn't even all of them!
 We did a few things in their stockings for this Christmas morning too since we weren't opening all the gifts until later in the day when my sister and family got there. My mom's tradition she has carried on from when we were kids is getting each kid their own special wrapping paper. This year, Evie had Winnie the Pooh and Mekonen had Planes. 
 They each got to open one present after their stockings since we weren't opening presents until later in the day and they were so excited they might've burst! 

Mekonen opening some super-heroes! He loved them! 
 This little nugget was overjoyed at her new baby jogging stroller! No more broken umbrella strollers! 
 Gotta love them. This only took about 15 shots. 
 Family Pic
 And can't forget Baby O!!! 25 weeks! 
 The rockin' new pipe I got for Jon for his birthday to add to his collection. It's an Erik Nording Pipe- made by a Danish guy who hand carves them and only makes one new kind a year. 
 Christmas Day kids table.

 Christmas night movie night! 
 My other sister Amy and her family didn't arrive until Friday the 27th, so we had another "Christmas" when they got there. All 8 of the crazy kiddos- and 2 more on the way (1 of those two was born the next day!)
 I was surprised at how organized the cousin gift giving and opening was. Too cute.
 It's so funny how they all hover and crowd around the person opening the gift. :)
 Action shot of the whole fam.
 These two love birds started it all, and now they have 8 (soon to be 10) grandkids. Crazy. 
 The things it took to get this picture- wow, stressful. 
 Their costumes from their Daniels cousins were a hit. 
 And the BEST part of the PA Christmas trip?!?!?! Getting to meet this little stud who was born on Mekonen's birthday!!!! He and his brand-new cousin get to share the same birthday! 

Arthur (Archie) Ford Daniels, joined the crazy crew on Saturday morning, December 28th.
 I was overjoyed to get to meet him before leaving for Indy the next day.  I wasn't sure I'd be able to make it back out to meet him before our baby is born, so to say I was excited was an understatement! 

 She insisted he be un-swaddled so she could see his jammies. 
 A portion of the cousins, Evie, Manny, Aderyn, and Archie.
 She said, "But I can't see his face," and did everything she could to stare at his cute little face. Can't blame her! 
 She's obsessed with babies having paci's and was very stoked that she got Archie to keep his paci in. I'm pretty sure it was the highlight of her visit. :) 
 This, made me wildly happy. There's not much better than this! 

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