Her First Days

I will always look back on those first several days after Penelope's birth with such fondness, joy, and contentment.

The kids are absolutely adorable and sweet with their new baby sister. We waited until they arrived back at the house with Jon's parents to tell them that the baby was a girl! They walked into the room and we told them, "It's a girl!" Evie was excited and Mekonen said, "Ohh, I wanted a boy baby." Poor buddy. He thought he was going to have an immediate playmate upon baby's arrival. He then added, "But even Macy is a girl!" Haha. But, he laid eyes on that new baby sister and he was smitten. He is so, so incredibly good with her. Very tender and sweet. Always wanting to see her, hold her, and talks so calmly to her when she's crying. He is simply precious.

The kids meeting Penelope for the first time. 

 Grandma Magz and Boppy meeting Penelope Mae. 
I think my absolute favorite time was the late evening on the day she was born and the following day where Jon and I got to spend all that time alone together, at home, with just Penelope. It was truly one of the most special times of my life. We simply laid in bed most of the time, marveling at this new addition to our family. It was perfection. I wish there was a way to bottle it up and revisit it whenever we want. 
Those wonderful skin to skin newborn moments. 
Penelope's first bath. She was not a fan! 
 Ah, much better. 

Late afternoon that first day after she was born, we had our first visitor! One of my dearest friends Megan. 

The three of us spent some time trying to figure out Jon's cousin's camera and get some non-fuzzy pics of our girl. We weren't very successful, but we did have fun pretending we were photographers. Haha.

I've been asked so many questions about the ins and outs of homebirth, what I liked, what was difficult, etc. I would say that in its entirety it was a really great experience and it was really, really nice to enjoy those first 24 hours at home with Jon, by ourselves. However, the most difficult part of homebirth was not having the kind of help you get in the hospital. I had just had a baby, was incredibly sore, and incredibly exhausted, but the reality is, that as soon as my kids were dropped back home it was Mommy go time whether I could handle it or not. Jon was only able to take Monday off and so we were very, very thankful that I went into labor and had her on the weekend (which we had really been praying for)! The most difficult thing was not having all day help or care, whereas at the hospital, you could literally sit in your bed and rest for a couple of days, which really is what is needed. So if you have a super helpful Mom who lives close to spend those days with you and your family, helping out not only with the kids, but household stuff that Moms do like laundry, feeding your kids, cleaning, dishes, etc., it can make for a rough few days since even standing up made me quite dizzy. I simply could not wait for my Mom to get here all the way from PA. Every day that first week Jon sweetly said, "Just hang in there. Your Mom will be here really soon." And praise the Lord, she arrived that Friday and took over for me. Oh bless her heart. She's the most servant hearted person that I know. (Their visit post to come soon)! We were also incredibly blessed by many people in our church who brought meals over for us! What a relief to not have to worry about cooking! We were so blessed by them! So that's what I would say is the downfall to the homebirth, unless you have someone to care for you during the first few days so you don't have to be getting up and down. If that's a blessing you are privileged to have, then homebirth is amazing all around. 

Monday evening, Jon's mom brought the kids back home and we got to have a little birthday party for Penelope. The kids could not wait for this and had been talking about it for weeks before the baby was even here. I think they just wanted an excuse to eat cake and Evie kept saying how she would help the baby open his/her gifts. Haha. It looks like we've started a new fun tradition for our family in having a birthday party when baby is born. Grandma Magz made the cake and we bought a number zero candle, which the kids thought was hilarious. We bought Penelope her first stuffed animal and the sweetest book called "On the Night You Were Born."

He is just so precious with her. 
in awe.
 Happy birthday Penelope! 
And our first family of five photo. 
(Please ignore my hair. Apparently, I didn't brush it. haha).
Reading Penelope her first story. "On the Night You Were Born." 
(And note Evie stuffing the pacifier in her mouth). 
 Evie insisted on getting her bed ready that night and proceeded to fill it with books, stuffed animals, and blankies, just like her bed. (Don't worry, we didn't let her sleep like this. Just put her in there for Evie's sake). 
Some of my favorite new baby memories- had this with all three of them. First storytime reading about Jesus with Daddy.

And life as a family of five begins...

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