Because Grandparents Are the Best!

Penelope was born on Sunday, April 6th and that coming Friday could not come fast enough! Grandma and Grandpa were coming!!!!! Not only was I excited for my kids who were BEYOND thrilled, but I couldn't wait to see them. I just hate living so far away. And to top it off, I was dying for some real Mom help. As Jon kept saying, "Just hang in there. Your Mom will be here before you know it!" We survived that first week and then they arrived! Unfortunately, my Dad could only stay for the weekend due to work, but my Mom stayed a whole week. Here's just a snapshot of our time! 

I have so many precious memories of my Dad reading us bedtime stories and teaching us the Bible. I especially loved how he did all the character voices too. My Dad is one of the most humble, patient, and God-fearing men I have ever known and words fail to describe my thankfulness in being part of his great legacy... I am beyond blessed to watch my children, nieces, and nephews, share in this legacy. To date, he and my Mom have 10 grandchildren. What a blessing to witness how God has impacted future generations by the faithfulness of my parents. 
Penelope Mae is grandbaby #10! She's named after my Dad's Mom. 
Yep, this guy is the greatest. At 31, being right next to him is still the best place to be. 
And for fun.... see, not much as changed in 26 years. 
Macy only gets attention when my Dad comes to visit. She always climbs right onto the blow up bed with them. Ha!!! 
Love how intently she's listening to Grandma's voice. So sweet. 
(And in the background, no, we don't have a bird, as people keep asking when they see that. It's our seed starters for the garden). 

I loved being able to just sit with my Mom at night on the couch and relax. Of course, little Miss Penelope joined the party. Grandma got her to smile for the first time. Cute little smirky smile. 
My mom let the kids have a sleep-over with her in her bed. She's a brave woman. They loved it. Here they are snuggled up together. 
Seriously, my Mom is amazing. The sacrifices she has made for our family are innumerable! She has ten grandchildren and I cannot even begin to give you example after example of her selfless, enthusiastic love for her family, her desire to serve, and give, and then serve some more. She's wonderful. I don't even know how she does it. She is hands down, the most efficient person that I know. She came in on Friday, and within minutes took over. I could've cried being able to just sit down since I still felt incredibly sore and in pain, and not have to worry about the kids getting some love, meals getting situated, etc etc. Not only did she keep up the normal cleaning of the house (like dishes, laundry and such), but she did a million other things like cleaning the floors, the ceiling fans, and even cleaned out the window sills from the winter so we could open the windows). And she did all of this while playing with the kids, taking them outside, playing games, doing crafts, and lots of hugs and snuggles. I tell you, she's amazing, and you won't find a better Mom anywhere. I often find myself, already at 31, thinking ahead to when I'm a grandma, and I hope I'm just like her....special dates and outings with the grandkids, sleep-overs, playtime, teaching them things, loving them, spoiling them, taking them on special outings, babysitting, and just letting them be kids. And now to find a way to keep all my grown up kids in the same town as us so I can do that! My sister who lives just miles from her is the luckiest person in the world. 

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