Catchin' Up- Our Days In June

This summer has flown by (hence why I'm writing a June post in late August)! The majority of the month of June was spent here at home, getting into a groove with our newest member of the family, and giving the kids the time, freedom, and space to run around outside like a bunch of crazy people. They are loving it.

Our sweet colicky Pip usually has rough late afternoons. This particular day, she wanted her face right up next to mine. It was the only thing that made her stop screaming. Then, she fell asleep. Praise Jesus, the child fell asleep. But, how do you cook dinner like that?
She has a baby sister now and this little lady just looks so grown up these days.
and the braided pigtails make my heart skip a beat

Our days have been filled with play dates, long summer days of playing outside, not much of a schedule, and staying outside with Daddy until dusk.

Mekonen and his Ethiopian buddy Luke have played together so much this summer. We are so thankful to be just down the road from them. They run around doing boy stuff all day long. Super cute.
We've also had fun taking walks pushing our babies....

As well as buzzing down a country road on a Lighting McQueen tricycle with a flashlight + crayons in tow. You know, for emergency princess coloring in the dark.
Yard time fun with friends. The kids had a blast this month with this slip n' slide from Uncle Mike and Aunt Linda Spencer. Meko's buddy Jack joined in on the fun. 

 Great summer purchase. The kids had a blast flying down the slide and blasting into the pool at the end. It was super funny to watch. Meko and Evan are taking a break from the daredevil activities and chatting away like old men.
The kids have been doing so well with Penelope. She is a very fussy baby and they have done such a great job loving her and being tender with her, especially Mekonen. Seeing his tender care for her has been incredible. He's a natural.

We've also gotten really good at early morning snuggles. It's been one of my favorite new family happenings since Penelope arrived. Not only does Pip usually snuggle in, but the kids make their way in there too, in the wee hours of the morning, sometimes even falling back asleep.

The kids have especially loved our first summer of #thisfarmlife as my social media tag so adequately describes. Here is the very first baby chick, hatched right in our chicken coop by its mama, not an incubator! Very cool. Isn't it so cute!
We also have our first bee hive. It's called a nuc and houses a starter colony of honey bees. We won't have honey until next year, but I sure am looking forward to that crunchy homegrown honey. I hear it's good for seasonal allergies so I'm hoping that's true! Mekonen and Evie are begging Daddy for kid bee suits so they can take care of them. :) 
Here's a tiny sparrow nest that fell to the ground in our backyard. Constructed out of shallow Cedar roots, grass and one sprig of Meko's hair from his last haircut! Haha!!
The first thing ready in the garden this year was radishes. The kids were so excited about these radishes and were stoked to eat them right after they picked them. I made a yummy radish nectarine salsa that we ate with grilled chicken. I love that they are growing up eating what they've grown. Mekonen talked about the radishes for days. 

Summer's are filled with magical evening like this... when I sneak up and find this little one waiting for Daddy at the window. The princess slippers placed at the bottom of the stool are my favorite. I will cherish this moment I waltzed upon, forever.
When your kids land anywhere, at any time, and pass out asleep, you know it's summer.

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