4 Months!

Little Miss is 4 Months Old
These months are just flyin' by...

Penelope Mae
Don't mind the poor quality of these studio pics. Our scanner isn't working so I had to take a picture of the picture. I'm not typically a studio pictures kind of girl, but I do like getting them when they are babies since they grow so fast. I can't believe how red her hair is looking! 
She looks quite amused that I'm making her sit by this huge chalkboard again. I'm sure she'll make fun of these some day. But oh well! She'll find something equally torturous to do with her kids too! 
As you can see, she's growing and learning like crazy. I forgot to also list up there that she's starting to scoot around too. I'll put her in her bed one direction and come back in later and she's facing the other way and at the other end of the crib. She typically scoots off of her playmat too. (The kids think this is wildly hilarious). 

She's started to giggle. They're just small, muffled giggles, but they are oh so cute. She always does it when I nuzzle my nose in her neck. 

She chews her hands like mad and the doctor thinks she might be getting her bottom teeth. I know it can take awhile for them to come in, but man, she is cranky about it! My sensitive Pip- belly, teeth, who knows! 

She almost always gets the biggest smile ever when we sing our little song to her- Pipper-dee-doo-dah (to the tune of Zippity-do-da). "Pipper-dee-doo-dah, Pipper-dee-day, my oh my what a wonderful day. Plenty of sunshine, coming your way. Pipper-dee-doo-dah, Pipper-dee-day!" I know, weird, but it just happens. 

Despite my often crying Pip, I really do love the baby stage. Baby snuggles and having them right up against me are some of my favorite things. Apparently, Penelope thinks so too as this has been her latest. It almost always calms her down, and it's almost always required late afternoon- her crankiest time of the day! Most of the time, I love it, although truth be told, sometimes I just wish she would not cry and play happily on the floor. It's not super easy cooking dinner with a baby strapped to your belly! But I know these days of this kind of snuggling are so short. So I'll take it! 
All the single pics I took of her were fuzzy because she kept wiggling all over the place. This was the best one. Boo. But I love her expression. Her hair doesn't look so red in this picture. 
 We got a few free cards with the pictures. 

 And for kicks...
Evie at 3 months
Penelope at 4 months- bad quality b/c I didn't scan it. (I was a month late with her picture!)
Me at 3 months
I think all 3 of us have the same nose and all 3 of us have the same squinty left eye. Both of my girls definitely have Daddy's mouth and the cutest lips ever. 

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