The 5 Month Old Pipster

Okay, so this picture and post is 2 weeks late. Oops. Life has been crazy. But nonetheless, finally done. This sweet pea is 5 months old. And in full disclosure, I spelled her name wrong AGAIN, but I just couldn't make that mistake TWICE on these pictures that will eventually go into her baby book. So I had to re-do it. I mean once is funny, but twice? That's just plain ridiculous. Maybe all those strangers at the grocery store who say her name is too long are right after all!

 Here's a pic of the actual board because the lighting was bad and you can't read it very well on the other picture. 

 Looking very concerned about this new to sitting by herself thing. She only last a few seconds. 
We cannot believe how big she's getting! Isn't she cute? :) She has a little old man toupe flop on the top of her head and a little rat tail growing out the back that I desperately need to cut! No mullets or rat tails allowed! 

This little lady has really upped her tricks in the last month or so. Since everything seems to happen at Grandma's in Pennsylvania, Penelope decided to continue consistency and learn how to crawl during our last visit. It was crazy. She was just shy of 5 months old at my moms. We left her in the middle of the floor, she got up on all fours and started rocking like crazy. Then, she was off. It's the scoot crawl where she takes one or two "crawls" on her hands and knees, then falls on her belly, goes up on hands and knees, takes a couple more crawls and then falls on belly, repeat, repeat, until she reaches desired destination. It is hilarious and super cute because she's so tiny. She was doing this before she could even sit! Crazy girl. Then, just a few days later she started sitting unsupported for several seconds at a time. 

So we have been saying that maybe Penelope will have a more quiet, soft personality (I don't know how three of my older two's personalities can co-exist in this family), but we are having second thoughts while watching Miss Pippi play. She gets soooooo frustrated with her toys. I'm not exactly sure what she is wanting them to do, but clearly, they aren't doing what she wants, and she yells. I mean yells. It is hilarious. Sometimes they end in crying, but sometimes she just yells, like she is ticked off at the world. 

These days she is loving the johnny jumper and the exersaucer. Although again, when she plays with the toys hooked to the exersaucer, she typically just ends up yelling at them. She is blowing little bubbles and making the cutest baby gurgles, and she giggles too! Mekonen does raspberries on her belly and she just cracks up. 

Almost any time you catch her eye she gives you the biggest open-mouth smile. It's adorable! Even when she's crying, if you lock eyes with her and smile, she will often go back and forth between crying and smiling, like she doesn't know which she should do. haha. 

And PRAISE JESUS the child has mostly stopped screaming in the car. I say mostly because I don't want to jinx myself, and because she still randomly decides to scream her brains out. But, it's no longer 100% of the time. 

I'm thankful the "novelty" of a new baby hasn't worn off for Mekonen & Evie yet. They just adore her. Here is one of my new favorite pictures. Mekonen and Pip both fell asleep in the car and we opened the back door to get them out and found this....he is so, so tender with her. She's cried a lot in her little lifetime so far and this guy has never shown any angst towards her crying and fussiness. He's a keeper ladies.

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