Our Boy Is Growing!

Our Boy Is Growing!!

Yippee!! We came home from work today to an update report on Mekonen from our agency! At 3 months now he is 11 lbs. 2 oz. and 22.24 inches long! He's a peanut, but healthy and growing! Here's the chart we got (sorry it's a little fuzzy).

Here is what was written on his update form.

Mekonen Oren
Mekonen is doing very well. He can raise his head and turn towards the direction of objects and light. He turns his head, moves his arms and kicks legs independently of each other, and sucks his finger. He smiles when you play with him. He feeds well and sleep a lot.
Aww, just like his mama... sleeps a lot! :) I am glad he is gaining weight! When we first got our referral his medical form said he was 6 pounds on March 5th. Still a tiny little guy, but doing well! We got two new pictures of him today from another traveling family. Oh how I can't wait to hold this babe in my arms!

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Katie & Tim said...

awe! congrats on your guy gaining weight. that's pretty healthy, even here (albeit small). his height is still really tiny though. :) awe. cale was almost that height at birth. i guess kids in the US are just huge!
just a thought:
i think it would be AWESOME if you had a lilypie ticker for mekonen's age. i know i'd like to see it. when is his birthday by the way?