Mekonen is the Star!

Mekonen has become quite the star in my class of 1st and 2nd graders. Not a day goes by where one of the kids doesn't mention him. Today, one of the girls said, "Mrs. Oren, I don't want it to be summertime because then we won't see you everyday." To which I replied, "I will definitely miss you, but I can't wait for summer break." And that little girl said, "why?" Another girl, kind of annoyed that she didn't catch on says, "Because! She is going to get her baby!" It was so funny.

We had indoor recess today due to the rain and the kids were playing this little guessing game. I was supposed to put a name of a person or character on a sticky note attached their backs and they would go around asking each other questions about the person on their back and they had to guess who it was. Well, I put "Mekonen" on one of them and they just got the biggest kick out of that. It was pretty much mad chaos for a few minutes as they were laughing and screeching with excitement over the name I put. They all cheered when she finally guessed "Mekonen." Haha.

One of my little first grade boys, who is always drawing me pictures and writing me little notes came up to me and said, "Mrs. Oren. This is for the baby. Will you hang it on the wall in his bedroom?" Here's his drawing.... a teddy bear. So sweet.And today, on her handwriting page, one of the girls wrote "I love Mekonen." Looks like he's already captured the ladies. hehe.


Starshine said...

That's so cute. I've been following your blog for the past month or so. Found you via the Bottomlys. :)

jenanton01 said...

That is so cute! I teach 1st graders too and I think they are so much fun.

Amber said...

That is absolutely the most adorable thing ever. What sweet kiddos!!!