Congratulations to my Jonny!

Yeah!!! Congratulations to Jon!!! Today he graduated from Seminary with a Masters of Divinity. I am so proud of his hard work. This was not an easy task! He took 100 credit hours to complete his degree, which is pretty much equivalent to two or three masters degrees. He averaged reading about 3,000 pages a semester! Can you believe it! And he's one of those guys who reads ALL the assignments. (good boy Jonny).

Just A Few Funny Things About Jon in Seminary
  • Rocco- Rocco was this old, beat-up Buick Skylark without a front grill, so it pretty much had a huge hole on the front. It was a PIECE! In the winter, the inside of the windows would freeze, not the outside, and therefore you had to scrape on the inside. The floors always had water in them, an inch or more, and in the winter it would freeze. You could pretty much "ice-skate" while driving. The radio kept playing when you turned the car off, and on and on it goes. It was pretty much a bomb! So, this the car I brought to our marriage and Jon was the one who drove it to seminary every day. When we first moved to PA he said, "If I drive this to seminary, I will have no friends."
  • The "maroon book." Myself and several of the other wives used to comment on the beloved "maroon book" that would go everywhere with our husbands. I never realy knew the name of it. We just called it the maroon book It went everywhere...to the store, riding in the car, restaurants, bed, and even church! I used to groan, "Oh no, the maroon book." It was a Hebrew book that pretty much required constant attention for several classes in the program.
  • The other funny thing were the blasted Greek and Hebrew cards. These things were everywhere! I can't even recall all the places I found these little stacks of vocabulary cards: Jon's desk, the bathroom, his pockets, the windowsill, and floating in the washing machine. Sometimes he had me "quiz" him, although I never had a blessed clue as to what he was pronouncing. I usually applauded his answers, varifying they were all correct!
He has worked so hard the last 3 years in classes and then this past year on his internship. I am so proud of him. We are excited to see where the Lord takes us next! We at least need a small break before the PhD's hit. Here are some pictures from the day, although I am kicking myself because the pictures are blurry. The camera somehow got bumped off the correct setting and the whole time I couldn't figure out why it was so blurry. It was kind of dark inside so I thought maybe that was it, even though my flash was going off. So, sorry for my terrible picture taking skills.


crt said...

congratulations jon! well done!

Mama Foyer said...

LOL....I know that maroon book as well. Raymond stares at the book incessantly. I spent much of my college career staring at those Greek cards. Congrats Jon. Raymond is going to graduate next week. We are so stoked. Now you will be able to put some letter behind your name. You are:
Jon Oren, M.Div.

Flinn said...

RIP Rocco. . . my favorite part of this post. . . Rocco, we will miss you. Always and forever. . .

Shonah said...

My husband has a double degree in Biblical and Theological studies and Youth Ministry and did a year in seminary. I totally recognize those flashcards, they were always within arms reach of my husband:) Congrats!!