Great Week!

This has been a great week! We are here in Pennsylvania for a whole week for Jon's graduation. He had his oral exam this morning for seminary and passed with an A! Yeah! We've been busy the last two nights with the banquet and small group dinners. It has been so good to get a break from teaching and so good to see my family and friends. When I get back to work, ONLY 3 WEEKS LEFT till the school year is done! Yahoo!! And tonight I took my last quiz for grad. school this semester. Phew! What a week! I've been loving sleeping in and lazying around here at my parents.
I am especially excited for this weekend because my mom is doing a baby shower for me! Yippee. I am very excited. We are doing a blue and yellow theme with rubber duckies! I can't wait to celebrate Mekonen! We got an email today that our case will probably be submitted to court sometime next week. This is when we will be assigned a group letter and are officially "in line" to receive a court date. From the time of our court filing and getting our group letter, to our actual court date, is about 8-12 weeks. Ugh. The tricky part? The rainy season court closing that happens in August and lasts until October. During the rainy season, no cases are heard in court. We were told by our agency that AAI's lawyer believes our case is likely to make it to court before the closure, but they said there are no guarantees. We are praying hard! If we don't make it into court before August, we have to wait until October for a court date. Oh my. That would be incredibly difficult. Please join us in praying for a court date and then smooth passing BEFORE the rainy season cut-off.

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Kristy said...

Blessings, blessings, blessings!!!!!