A Day at the Park!

March is the month of cousins!!!! For a week and a half, Owen, Mekonen's cousin on Jon's side is here visiting! Then, Mekonen and I will be headed to PA for two weeks and Meko will get to hang out with his cousins on my side. Much cousin love! 

We enjoyed the first "warm" day since last fall by bundling up the boys and heading to the park! It was in the 50's but it felt like the 70's since it's been so cold!
Here's Mekonen sportin' his red sunglasses. Doesn't he look tough! 

Mekonen and Grandma Magz lookin' cool in their shades. 

Mommy showing Mekonen how to walk on the balance beam. He's a natural! 

 This little red spinning thing was so funny! Mekonen didn't know what to think of it.

Looks like he might be ready for a nap. 

Here's Mekonen and Grandma on the teeter-totter...

 and Aunt Martha and Owen on the other side.
 Mekonen & Owen about to have the time of their lives on the slides!

Mekonen starin' it down before the big ride.

  And he's off!! This picture cracks me up! It looks like quite an intense slide, but realy it wasn't dangerous at all. Mekonen was very confused though. He didn't understand why I was chuckin' him down all these slides. Haha. 

 They were also very confused by the swings.

 One little chubby smile. 

Mommy & Meko swingin' away.

 He was a little frightened by how high I was swinging and preferred to sit facing me. He kept laying his head down, picking it up, and kissing me. It was so cute. 

 Me & Mekonen with Aunt Meghan & cousin Owen

Mekonen & Aunt Lindsay (too bad his eyes are closed).

The boys!

 Grandma Magz, Owen & Mekonen
Linds, Me, and Meghan

The gang.

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