More Mekonen Tricks

Here is a little video of Mekonen. He LOVES to play, "Where's Mekonen?" When you say it, he puts his hands on his head instead of his eyes. Once in awhile, he'll get one hand on his eyes. It's hilarious. He's also starting to copy all sorts of noises we make which is funny too. The best is how he starts moving his tongue around when it gets to about 33 seconds on the video. Haha!!

This version of "where's Mekonen?" he was only using one hand. Usually when we do this, he uses both hands, and then he takes my hands and put them on my face.

(Excuse the oatmeal all over his face. It was breakfast time! Haha. Oh yeah, and excuse how annoying my voice sounds. Do I really sound like that?)


Daniel and Danielle said...

he is so darn cute!!!!!!

Charity Hildebrand said...

Soooo cute! Vienna loves to play this game and she puts her hands on her forehead instead of her eyes too! Haha!

Will and Kristin said...

Absolutely adorable! Thank you for your post on our blog - it's so nice to meet you too! We are adopting though Bethany Christian Services - they just opened an office a couple of hours away from us in Pensacola and we were thrilled!! We are wanting a boy, age 0-24 months. Birth order is important to us. We continue to pray that the Lord's provision comes in so we can get our paperwork in and wait for our referral! How long was your wait and what age did you request when you all adopted Mekonen?

Kris said...

Hi Rachael! It has been awhile since I have been on the Common Thread group. I am so excited to see that your family is doing so well!!! Congratulations!