Our Easter day was a pretty quiet one. The best part was my cousin Jessica came down to Indy from Chicago to spend the weekend with us. Mekonen just loves his Auntie Jess! This year, Jon & I decided not to get an Easter basket for Mekonen b/c we are trying to save some good money and knew he wouldn't really get it anyway, or really eat the candy. But truthfully, I was bummed after Easter was over and I didn't give him an Easter basket and teach him how to do a little egg hunt. Next year is a must! I know Easter day is truly about Jesus and how he conquered death and the grave to give us eternal life. We plan to make that the focus of our Easter celebrations as a family but still want to enjoy some Easter basket candy and an egg hunt. Kids love that stuff.

So Mekonen is at that lovely age of not sitting still for ANYTHING! So a cute little Easter picture of Mekonen in his outfit was not happening. Here's as good as it gets.

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doddyj said...

we didn't do any easter things with Natalie for her first year (got a lot of feedback from family over that one!), but just figured it wasn't worth spending the $$ when she really wouldn't get it. she's 2 now, and she loved the easter basket thing...all from the dollar store, which made it easier to swallow. :)