Spring Bunnies

While I was visiting my family in PA, Mekonen and his two cousins Natalie & Jane made these bunny crafts. They were very excited about them. Of course Mekonen didn't have a clue what was going on, but we pretended he did.

Natalie cheesin' for the camera. She ALWAYS wears a pink hat, all day everyday! 

Mekonen appearing as if he is putting his bunny together. Really he is about to eat those sparkly yellow strips.

Jane carefully putting the decorations on her bunny. What a big girl.

Mekonen investigating his completed bunny. Then he tried to eat it.

Apparently there is something hilarious about this bunny craft.

And we couldn't complete bunny day without forcing Mekonen to wear these bunny ears at Target. He looks incredibly thrilled!

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Tom said...

he has the same look Ralphie had when he came down in the pink bunny pj's in a christmas story