16 Months!!!

I can't believe it. Today my baby is 16 months old! Double the age he was when we brought him home. CRAZY! He is growing so fast and learning new things by the day.
16 Months and 16 Things About Mekonen!

1. You weigh 28 pounds (90%) and are 32 inches long (89%) as of 4.07.10 You are growing so big!
2. You say 4 words: mama, daddy, car, ball (all the essentials I guess!) Every time daddy comes home you say in the cutest little squeaky voice, "Daddy!!!"
3. You are pointing out pictures of cars and balls in your books and naming them. 
4. You LOVE to push anything you can find all over the house. Sometimes you make a "vroom" sound as if they are cars. 
5. You are signing the words please, more, drink, all done, and help. 
6. You are officially going into the nursery at church every week like a big boy!
7. You are becoming incredibly affectionate which is the joy of your mama's heart! 
8. You give hugs now around our necks. It is so sweet. 
9. When I rock you, you recently want your cheek right up against mine.
10. You laugh and laugh when mommy sings "The Wheels on the Bus" song and has you do the motions to it. 
11. Several people who spend time with you have called you "adventurous" and "very determined."
12. You are extremely curious, always wanting to figure out how things work, what makes noise, and touch things you aren't supposed to!
13. You are starting to love books and being read to! Yippee!!
14. You are learning how to obey mommy and daddy in these ways: "come to mommy/daddy," "don't touch," "sit still," "no fits," "no yelling," and "stay close."
15. You love to play with Macy: you crawl over her, grab her tail, and try to put your toys in her mouth. Macy is so patient with you! hehe. 
16. You love to play outside but don't really like the feel of the grass on your bare feet or bare legs. 

We love you little boy. The past 8 months have been more incredible than we ever imagined! You are such a joy to us and we love to watch you grow and learn.

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Ginger said...

He is so absolutly adorable!