Happy 1st Father's Day!

Vacation was a blast!!! (Post and pictures to come soon). We arrived home just in time for Father's Day at 4:30am. We made it to church and they officially launched the adoption ministry for Father's Day. We're in the video! Check it out.

Happy Father's Day to my Jon! 
Here is part of the "thanks" Mekonen and I had for Daddy today. 
 Dear Daddy,
You are the best Daddy in the world! I am so happy that Jesus chose you to be my Daddy. Last year at this time I was in Ethiopia waiting for you to come get me. I knew you would come. You often prayed that while we were apart, I would feel Jesus in a really special way. I just wanted to let you know that I did. I could you feel you fighting for me and my heart, even from so far away. I always hear you tell people that you and Mommy are the ones who are blessed. But really, it's me! I want to be just like you when I get big. I want to be courageous and bold. God brought me the perfect Daddy to help me pu all the pieces of my story and life into a big colorful masterpiece that shows just how GOOD Jesus is. God really knows what He is doing, doesn't He? Just like you always say.  I love you!
Happy 1st Fathers's Day!

Dear Jon,
There is no one else in this world that I would be prouder to call my husband and the Daddy of our son. God has blessed me incredibly by allowing me to be a part of your life. I often look around me and find myself thanking God for a husband who loves Jesus and is so passionate about raising our son to do the same. Mekonen and I are loved and cherished... we are safe and protected, able to really grow and shine because you get up each day and fight a world of battles for us. You are courageous and bold, the exact picture I long for our son to become. Thank you for doing life with me. On this Father's Day, I hope you know deep in your heart that your place in our lies is invaluable, never able to be replaced. We love you dearly and thank you for taking care of us. 
I love you,

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