Memorial Day Fun!

Memorial Day Weekend Fun!
 On Sunday we took Mekonen to the splash park for the first time. He had an absolute blast! He was so cute running around like he was a big kid. He was the smallest one there but that didn't stop him!

"Wow! What is this thing!"
He LOVED running through all the water and just kept giggling and giggling.
The water was pretty cold too.
Drink break #1
Trying to catch the water.
Daddy & Mekonen
Drink break #2
Grandma Magz & Mekonen

On Memorial Day we spent the afternoon and evening at our awesome friends Joe & Julie's. 
Lots of friends+lots of food+BIG pool= AWESOME day! 

They have this great little kiddie pool ledge thing. Mekonen was a little hesitant at first but then had a blast.
Daddy showing his moves off the hot tub ledge.
Mekonen and one his greatest girls, Courtney!

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Donovan and Julie said...

Look at that boy's muscles! He looks like a little man in that too-cute suit!