An Official Oren

WOW!!! Exactly one year ago today we got the news of a lifetime... our case was heard in the Ethiopian courts and the judge signed and sealed our paperwork and Mekonen was offically ours FOREVER!!! I still can't believe it. I remember this day like it was yesterday. I can almost feel the nerves again that kept me up at night on the 28th, wondering what was happening in that courthouse in Ethiopia. I was so overjoyed when I got the news from our agency that I burst into tears. When I called my mom at work to tell her the news I was crying and she automatically thought bad news, we didn't pass. She goes, "Oh honey..." and I said, "No mom, we passed!!!!!" And then she said, "Don't scare me like that!" Ahhh, what a feeling! Pure bliss! Has it really been a year already? 

Check out the post from one year ago today with the good news and the introduction of our babe!

Here's what Mekonen was up to at this time last year, as he was "officially" becoming an Oren. He had no idea he'd be joining such a crazy family! He has adjusted quite well! ;) Hehe.  
My, how he has grown!

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Donovan and Julie said...

I was thinking of you guys today--Happy Adoption Day Meko!!! We love you!!!