18 Months!

18 Months!
So this post is a little late... Mekonen turned 18 months on June 28th! Can't believe it! 

18 Things You Are Up To These Days!
  1. You weigh 28.45 lbs (81%), are 34 inches tall (90%) and wear a shoe size 7!!  
  2. You say these words consistently and correctly: Mommy, Daddy, night-night, ball, car, dog, baby and the beginnings of Grandma and Grandpa. You continue to sign please, more, drink, all done, help, and thank-you.
  3. You started giving kisses with your mouth in a little pucker. It's adorable. No more open mouth kisses! 
  4. You LOVE, let me repeat, LOVE to be outside. No matter what adult is around, you will go over to them, grab their hand, and lead them to the nearest door with a little "grunt." You love to just explore and don't pay much attention to toys when you're outside. You absolutely love to walk in Grandpa Oren's garden with him.
  5. You have started your own comedy routine of throwing your head back and pretending to fall down. You laugh and laugh, thinking this is wildly funny.
  6.  You love eating dinner around the table with lots of people. You jabber and blab the whole time. If too much time passes between attention on you, you yell very loudly so someone looks at you.
  7. You love the water! You cry everytime we finish whatever water activity we are doing such as swimming, your water table, the splash park, and the bath tub. 
  8. You eat everything we are eating for dinner now and snack on cheese, cut-up fruit, kidney beans, crackers, and chick peas. You are a great eater!
  9. You love to listen to music...especially with a good beat. We have some hallmark cards that play music and you open them and close until the card no longer makes music. You sit there and bop your head to the beat. It's so cute.
  10. You have started to climb on the furniture and are able to get yourself into pretty much any chair. We are working on "no standing on the furniture" now. :) 
  11. You LOVE books, which is a far cry from when we first brought you home. All day long you brings us books to read you. You still love books with a rhyme or rhythm to them best, such as the Sandra Boynton books, but you are getting better at sitting through "regular" stories. 
  12. You are pretty much running quite steadily now. It's not super fast, but you can move! 
  13. You are becoming very pleasant to have in people's homes with us. You are understanding boundaries better and better and have a happy spirit staying within them (for the most part anyway. You are not perfect, but doing well). Knock on wood right? 
  14. It is so easy to get you to laugh and giggle: singing the Wheels on the Bus, pound fists, a good game of chase, peek-a-boo, and the classic funny face routine.
  15. You can point out your ears, eyes, nose, mouth, hair, toes, and belly button. You get confused with pointing out your fingers though because you point with your fingers. You used to always point to the other person's nose when someone said "where's your nose?" But now you have found your own!
  16. You constantly point to us in pictures and say, "Mommy," "Daddy." When your Grandma watched you for a whole day a couple weeks ago you kept carrying our picture around with you and saying, "Mommy, Daddy."
  17. You refer to yourself as "baby" in pictures.
  18. You are beginning to LOVE the spotlight. As you can see by the picture below, you are "on stage" at our friends pool entertaining the masses, all of whom are between the ages of 5 and 10. So much so that five year old Jude reported yesterday about the ledge in the pool, "This is Mekonen's stage. Put him on it when he gets here." I think this picture is a sign of things to come! Lord help us! :)


Julie said...

I knew that boy was going to be big back in ET when he had such long feet--he was like a puppy just getting ready to grow his body into those paws! I also love that he's chowing on chick peas--Sosi's fav! They'll never have to cook, just open a can and viola!

Daniel and Danielle said...

LOVE the updates as always so cute!!!!!