Who Said Indiana Isn't Exciting??

One evening last week, Mekonen and I were hanging out, waiting for Daddy to get home. I went to let our dog out our back door and saw a buffalo trotting down the side of our yard (outside the fence) toward the front of our house. Of course Macy went nuts and I couldn't get her back inside. I grabbed my phone to call our neighbors who own the buffalo farm and ran to the front door. I opened the front door and there was the buffalo standing on our front porch looking right in our glass door! It was the scariest, but most hilarious thing! Mekonen was standing on the other side of the door, hands in place against the glass, looking VERY curious about what this HUGE beast was. I locked the screen door (instinct I guess, because clearly the buffalo could bust right through it if he wanted to. It was more so Mekonen wouldn't go back and open the door).

I grabbed Mekonen away from door and ran to get my camera. By the time I got the camera, the buffalo stepped off the porch. I got a shot of his butt.
 Here he is checking out the fence. He jumped at it and growled a few times at the three dogs inside our fence! YIKES! I thought he was goin' over! (Jon totally made fun of me for describing it as growling, but how else do you describe the noise? A grunt maybe I guess).
About to head butt our fence. Then I yelled really loud and he stopped. HA!
Here he is going crazy!!!!! Our neighbors house to the right (out of the picture) burned down in a fire. Just the shell is left, everything inside is ash. The buffalo had half his body inside the house! He started grunting and running, acting REALLY hyper....
 ....and then blasted our barrel plant in the middle of our lawn!
 Getting a panorama and the realtor's info because the house is for sale!
After a few minutes, our neighbor who owns the buffalo farm behind our house came on his tractor to lure the buffalo back to the farm with treats. He had a whole load of kids on a hayride watching in awe! 

And who says Indiana isn't exciting??

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Julie said...

That's hilarious! The best part is that you got a photo of him dumping the planter! Love it.