Last year on July 4th, a little baby all the way in Ethiopia consumed our thoughts! Last year, we walked to the fireworks and talked about how next year, Mekonen would get to be with us. Crazy how a year from then has passed and for the first time, we brought Mekonen to the fireworks!

This was the night before the fireworks when we went to see some hot air balloons. Mekonen was mesmerized! He kept pointing to them and yelling, "ball!!!"
Mekonen hanging out in his stroller waiting for the fireworks to start. It was WAAAAY past his bedtime. :)
Mommy & Daddy.... Happy Anniversary!
Mekonen (with Grandma Magz and Grandpa) was very confused at first over what was going on in the sky! He kept pointing up at the fireworks. Haha.
Daddy & Meko
Mommy & Meko
So sweet...Grandpa and Mekonen


Jon, Lindsay, and the pups!!! said...

All we could talk about this year at the fireworks was, "hopefully next year Emersyn will be home and we can watch the fireworks as a family!" I totally get it!! :)

Jon, Lindsay, and the pups!!! said...

Hello! :) IAG is International Adoption Guides. We're not on the wait list yet...just getting all the paper work together for the dossier and raising funds for the agency fee. Can't wait to be waiting though!!! :) If you want to start an Etsy shop you just go to Etsy.com and it's pretty easy from there. So nice to "meet" you! :)