Celebrating Fall!!!

Ahh...my favorite season of the year!!! When the air gets crisp, the leaves turn colors, and you can smell cinnamon and apples at every turn! I am excited that this fall season Mekonen is a bit older and can do some crafts and things with me (sort of).  A fond memory of my childhood is the time my mom spent doing seasonal crafts and projects with us. I want my children to have wonderful memories like the ones I have where we enjoyed the season and did lots of fun stuff to celebrate it. 

We are ALMOST all settled into our new house. We just need to hang pictures and decorations. It won't feel complete and like "home" without that done. So hopefully soon! I feel like we've been running around like crazy and I'm anxious for it to slow down a bit in the next couple weeks so Mekonen and I can enjoy the season! 

The shorts, swimsuit, and flip flops will soon find their way to storage in the closet. Out come the pants, long sleeves, shoes, and jackets. Ahhh, the signs of fall! 

Mekonen looking so big now in long pants and big boy sneakers! 

To celebrate fall I want to do some mini theme things with apples and pumpkins, etc. Here's what we'll do if you're interested in some ideas!
  • Go to our incredible library nearby and get lots of books on apples to read.
  • Do an internet search for apple coloring pages, apple crafts, etc. 
  • Pick out a few recipes that have apples in them that we can make.
  • Take pictures of our time together and the little projects we've made. 

Here's a specific craft that comes to mind when I think of fall. It's easy for toddlers to "help" with. 
Autumn Leaf Window Decorations
  • Give your child a bucket and let them go outside and collect brightly colored leaves that have fallen from the trees. 
  • Arrange on wax paper (waxy side up) and place another piece of wax paper on top (waxy side down).
  • Put a dry towel on top and iron on medium (no steam needed). 
  • Cut around edges and hang in windows.
  • The color keeps for quite awhile and leaves can later be mailed to grandparents and friends with a note or an Autumn poem to celebrate Thanksgiving.

4. Have fun enjoying the season with your children and creating new memories that will last a lifetime! 

And just for fun, an action shot of Mekonen "jumping." It's hilarious. He only jumps one foot off the ground, but with his take-off you think he was going to jump 3 feet high!

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