A Letter From Daddy's Heart


I am looking at a picture of you on my phone right now. I am so proud of you simply because you are.
This might be a difficult concept to grasp (depending on the stage of life in which you read this note).
Love for you, joy because of you, courage to lead you as a Daddy all exist simply because you are. You do not have to do anything whatsoever to earn my love. You will surely be tempted to think this throughout your life. It is my joy as a father to alleviate this perceived pressure in your life. I am joyful simply for your existence. You make me proud no matter what you do. Nothing, good or bad, can change the depth of love that I have in my heart for you.

You have already taught me so much about Jesus. Jesus loves us simply because we are. He created us and receives inordinate pleasure in the simple fact of our existence. Because he loves us deeply, He desires that we do not remain in slavery, but are free to enjoy Him ultimately. My discipline in your life is for the same reason. I want to be a champion for your freedom in Christ, love in Christ, peace in Christ, and power in Christ. In order to champion these realities, I must at times, rebuke you or discipline you. Understand that these are the same things that God does to me because He loves me, not in spite of me.

My ultimate desire for your life is very specific and very broad at the same time. Specifically, I hope that you know Jesus not in abstraction, but in reality. Even though you will not likely be graced by Him empirically on this earth, you will hopefully know a Truth that is greater than empiricism. It exists. It is more real than we know. That is my specific and greatest desire for you, and it determines the broad desire that I have for you. Because you are loved by and therefore love Jesus, I hope that you live life in the greatest capacity. It does not matter what you do. If knowing Jesus leads you to be in business, then great. You cannot fail in the ultimate sense of the term. If being loved by God prompts you to change an entire country as a politician, then amazing. If being led by God takes you to the remotest and most dangerous part of the earth, then go. I will love and fully support your efforts to the glory of God. I pray that God gives me wisdom in understanding your heart and passion for Him.

Son, I love you with a Christ‐like love. Of this I am sure. If you were to even curse the day I was born, I would still take all of the pain of this world in order that you might experience true joy and freedom. You simply make me happy.



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