A Year of Dates- Date 1

For our anniversary this year I planned a year of dates for Jon and I, two per month! Last night was our first one! I gave Jon this invitation the night before.

For this date we had to come up with an activity for every letter of the alphabet. There are a few variations of this date. You can alternate, where you choose the "A" activity for the other person to do, and then other person chooses the "B" activity for you to do, etc. Then you each get 3 passes. If you don't want to do what they suggested you can give a "pass." But be careful what activity you choose! If your partner uses one of their passes then you end up having to do it. Instead of this version, we just decided to make the list together and then each do the activity. Here's our list and some pictures of our night!

A- acrobatics
B- blowing bubbles
C- climb a tree
D- drive
E- eat
F- fountain to play in
G- get dizzy
H- hold hands
I- ice-cream for dessert
J- jump
K- kiss
L- leap frog
M- make a fort
N- nap
O- on a roof (climb on a roof)
P- pet an animal
Q- quack, quack, feed the ducks
R- ride a motorcycle
S- slide at the park
T- trespassing
U-under a bridge
V- vandalize (for pretend of course)
W- wink
X-xylophone (play a toy xylophone at the store)
Y- yell
Z- sit on a zebra (in downtown Indy)

A- acrobatics
Jonny boy doing  handstand. hehe. 
 C- climb a tree
D- drive (we did lots of driving around for this date)
E- eat! We ate at a cute old diner downtown
F- a fountain to play in
G- get dizzy (this was actually super funny. Poor Jon)
H- holding hands, awww. so sweet. :) 
J- jumping off swings
K- kiss of course!
L- leap frog (so we tried playing leap frog and getting a picture with the timer on our camera. This was the best we got. Haha).
N- nap
R- ride a motorcycle (okay, I didn't get to ride it. So technically it's not an activity. And this pic was taken on Jon's phone which so did not turn out). 
S- slides!!!
U- under a bridge (we were cracking up at this picture. Jon looks like the biggest dorko).
V- vandalism (yes an actual spray paint can we had in the car. We even had to explain to a nearby police officer we were "just pretending" for a game) Haha. 
W- wink
So that was our first date night in our year of dates!
It was fun! You should give it a try with your special someone! 

Oh yeah, and I remember some readers asking for what kinds of dates I put in our date can. I'd be happy to share them with you if you leave a comment with your e-mail. I'm only posting them as we do them because they are all surprises for Jon. I don't want him to know ahead of time what we're doing. 


thecopelandclan said...

OOh... ooh... me. I have a DH who hates planning dates. Our last date, and the first one for us in a year was just the other night to the grocery store :( Epic fail. I definitely wish I was more creative and knew the area better. I would so be better at planning dates. We have tons of sitters, we just have to use them! My email is emilyjcopeland@hotmail.com!

ReSoNate said...

I would love to see your list of date night ideas. Thanks!
racheln00 at gmail dot com.

Anonymous said...

My hubby is coming home from deployment next month and this is an awesome idea please send me some ideas.
lauren maxwell

The Frederick Nesters said...

you truly are superwomen. what a great idea! did you come up with it by yourself? i'd love to see your ideas. :)
chasingjace@gmail.com (or if fb works better, that's fine too)

Anonymous said...

Hi, I have been reading your blog for awhile now. I love it!! Would love to know your date night ideas.
Thanks, my email is kacy78@live.com

Ashley said...

I would love your ideas as well! You're so kind to share!!! I'm sure it took lots of thought and hard work, so, ahead of time, I appreciate it! Thanks!


Anonymous said...

please do send me your date night ideas. I'm giving my hubby a year of date nights this Christmas. Thank you so much! God bless. hannagulle@gmail.com

Joyce Wolfley said...

I just found your blog and am thinking of doing a year of dates for Valentines day. I love yours! They are so creative!!! Do you still have your invitations? Thank you for sharing!

My email is: joycewolfley(at)gmail(dot)com